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  • 5 Reasons Why Moms And Dads Of Tweeners Should Watch New Moon

    As many of you might know, the New Moon movie is breaking box office records. You might be puzzled over this tween and teen phenomenon. We’ve put together four reasons for you to check out the movie as parents.
    by Justine Camacho-Tajonera .
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    According to MSNBC , New Moon has broken box office records for opening day, grossing $72.7M beating The Dark Knight’s $67.2M record last year. It’s largely due to the cult following of author Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, mostly among tween and teenage girls. If only for this reason, parents should watch New Moon. It’s not for its artistic reasons, really.



    1. Get into your daughter’s world

    It’s an opportunity to get into your daughter’s world. Usually, as children start growing up, they become more and more independent from their parents. Sometimes, parents may feel that they are not that in touch with the world of their growing girls. Also, some tweens start keeping diaries that they lock or hide and a lot of moms do wonder what goes on in their secretive daughter’s world. Here’s one opportunity to get a sneak peak.

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    2. Understand your tweener’s emotional state and view of the world

    Sometimes, kids (girls are no exception) seem to make the most illogical choices. Parents fail to realize the emotional turmoil that they are going through. Parents usually treat their daughter’s moods and crushes very lightly but actually their feelings mean the world to them. Getting into the Twilight mode helps you see your daughter in a different light: as someone who treats her concerns very seriously.



    3. Talk about her concerns and what she thinks about love

    Because the central theme of the Twilight books is about love and relationships, it’s the perfect starting point for conversations about crushes and boyfriends. This is a very touchy topic for parents and they constantly dread the day when their little girl starts to be interested in the opposite sex. This is one way to get their opinions and feelings about love and relationships and a good topic starter for parents.


    4. Have a common ground and discussion point

    Lastly, as parents, you may agree or disagree that Twilight has any merit. Having a discussion with your daughter on your opinion and getting her own opinions will make your daughter feel like they have a say and that you’re interested to hear their side.

    These reasons shouldn’t lead to an opportunity to get on your soapbox and extol whatever it is that you want them to learn and imbibe. Rather, it’s a topic starter and a way for you to get your child to open up and talk about their world, their feelings. Start a real conversation with your child and really listen to her. You’ll be surprised with what you find.




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