• 5 Things We Love About the New Cebu Pacific Flight Attendant Uniforms

    They're fun, fab, and very functional, and gave us great fashion tips!
5 Things We Love About the New Cebu Pacific Flight Attendant Uniforms
  • Summer vacations requiring air travel are usually a…grumpy affair for the whole family especially when the plane departs at dawn. But everyone may just be coaxed into a better mood if traveling with Cebu Pacific Air (CEB). The airline company is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and it is rolling out a new look for for their in-flight attendants. They’re dressed for the job, not just to impress.

    Cebu Pacific new uniforms

    "On our 20th year, we complete the airline’s rebranding by partnering with a homegrown Cebu talent. Fashion designer Jun Escario understands the practical needs of our crew while in flight, yet shares our passion to showcase the Philippines’ colors to the world,” said CEB VP for marketing and distribution Candice Iyog.

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    However, the airline is not giving their flight attendants new outfits in the name of fashion. Escario explains, “I approached the task of designing Cebu Pacific’s new cabin crew uniforms with form and function in mind.”

    With that goal in mind, we have to say Escario did a great job. Here’s why we love the new cabin crew unforms. 

    1. They’re body-image friendly.

    Cebu Pacific new uniforms

    The new Cebu Pacific uniforms include a bold yellow top and cardigan that complements any body type. "The tops come with vertical darts for a slender fit,” Escario said. The ruching on the top of the mini skirt also helps conceal a pouch (not there's anything wrong with having one). But those two features are handy fashion tips when you are feeling bloated during your period.   

    2. They’re made of durable material. 
    The bottoms and the trench-coat for cold weather days are made of denim. Even if the girls are wearing minis, the fabric allows them to move with ease—and coral your kids when they're playing on the plane's aisle. The dark tint also makes it easier to hide spills and stains (because these accidents can happen when kids are around, right?)

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    3. The footwear is comfy.

    Cebu Pacific new uniforms

    A flight attendant requires a lot of walking. The new cabin crew’s footwear, nude wedges (not as tricky to wear as heels) for the girls and navy sneaks for the guys, are not only comfy, it dresses up or dresses down the look. Andother great weekend wardrobe tip for us there.  

    4. They’re adaptable.
    “Denim is a year-round fashion staple, and it can be casual yet classy,” says Escario. The uniforms’ design is timeless—it won't go out of style. Plus, by adding a cover-up or changing the top, we think the flight attendants can wear it for non-work hours. Rewear potential achieved! 

    5. The color shines with positive vibes.
    How can anyone not smile when they see that sunny color? Yellow just emits, well, bright and happy feels. Throw in a scarf with Cebu Pacific's colors and a straw fedora (these are actually included in the uniform), and summer is cheerfully declared. And you know what else? You see that uniform, and your family fun has just begun. 

    Cebu Pacific's new cabin crew uniforms will launch on March 27, 2016.

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