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  • 5 Times Jake Ejercito Made Us Think He Could Be Ellie Eigenmann's Biological Dad

    Andi's half sister Max Eigenmann casually dropped a bomb. Is the secret really out on Ellie's biological dad?
    by Rachel Perez . Published Sep 23, 2016
5 Times Jake Ejercito Made Us Think He Could Be Ellie Eigenmann's Biological Dad
PHOTO BY Jake Ejercito/Instagram
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  • It seems like Andi Eigenmann's half-sister may not have gotten the family memo on the identity of the biological father of her niece Ellie Eigenmann.

    Pep.ph reports that while guesting on Mo Twister's podcast Good Times with Mo, Max Eigenmann was asked her opinion on the on-and-off spat between her half-sister and her former beau, Jake Ejercito. "It doesn't bother me, whatever. They're always like that," Max remarked.  

    Mo twister added that he really liked the two as a couple. "Yeah, me too." Max replied. Then she matter of factly added, "You know he [Jake] is the father of my niece, right?" 

    "Yeah, not biological, right? But still, father figure," Mo Twister clarified. 

    Max answered, "He is, he is [the biological dad]. They did a [DNA] test. Yeah, he’s the dad." 

    She also added, "They’re co-parenting that’s why he always posts photos of my niece." (Max, by the way, spoke about all of this in such a casual manner. You can listen to the whole podcast here; the conversation starts at mark 1:24:30.)

    When Andi announced her pregnancy in June 2011, she never revealed the father of Ellie, and it had become this missing piece of a puzzle everyone wanted to solve. Rumor mills, however, strongly pointed to Jake, and anyone who has followed Andi and Jake could understand why.

    Below are the possible telltale clues. 

    1. Andi has always referred to Jake as Ellie's father (she just never said her biological dad). 
    In an interview late last year, the actress said, "Time and again, sinasabi ko, don’t become a father by biology. And ever since, it has always been Jake. And now, we’ve broken up for more than a year, and I don’t think we’re gonna get back together. As in, we’re just friends, pero mahal niya ang anak ko," Andi said.

    Andi also said that Jake will always have a special part in her life. "Technically, si Jake talaga ang first and greatest love ko, and you can’t just forget that easily."

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    2. Jake also considered Ellie as his daughter (but there has never been a full admission--so far).  

    "Well, ever since, I considered Ellie as my daughter na rin. Yun nga yung sabi ni Andi in one of her interviews, di ba? And kasi si Ellie, very adorable. Mahirap mawala yung bond namin," he said in an interview with last March.

    3. Jake spoke often about his special bond with Ellie (his Instagram account is filled with their photos).


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    Whether they're just at home, swimming in the pool, at the beach, or traveling abroad, their photos together are just love. Any one who saw a photo of them together wishes he was really Ellie's dad. 

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    4. Jaclyn Jose has always been vocal about her approval of Jake.


    Award-winning actress and Andi's mom, Jaclyn Jose, Andi's mom, has said that, in her eyes, Jake is Ellie's dad. Jake responded, "I guess, she said that because nakita niya rin na even before Andi had given birth, I was there na. And when I was still with Andi din, kung gaano ko siya nirespeto, inalagaan. So, siguro nakita rin ni Tita Jane [Jaclyn's real name is Jane Guck ] ‘yon, kaya niya nasabi yun. Grateful naman ako for that."

    5. Jake's sister used the hashtag #family in a photo with Ellie.   


    When Jake’s sister Jerika Ejercito and her son Isaiah attended the birthday of Elijah, Meryl Soriano's son with Bernard Palanca, who is also Isaiah's father, Jake and Ellie joined them for the celebrations. From the party, Jerika reposted an Instagram photo from Meryl's account, and used the hashtag #family in her caption. In a separate Instagram post, she also added that her son Isaiah loves having Kuya Elijah and Ate Ellie around. 

    As of this writing, we're still waiting for Andi or Jake to release a statement regarding the (not-so-shocking?) revelation of Max. If it is indeed true, then we hope they can resolve their recent Twitter spat and continue to be co-parents to adorable little Ellie.

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