• How Can Unemployed Pregnant Women Claim Their SSS and PhilHealth Benefits?

    Are unemployed stay-at-home moms entitled to SSS and Philhealth benefits? Check out our expert’s answer.
    by Justine Camacho-Tajonera .
  • SSS & Philhealth cardsFor stay-at-home moms, out there, you might be wondering how to go about claiming your SSS (Social Security System) or Philhealth (Philippine Health Insurance Corporation) benefits. We turned to a senior HR specialist, Ms. Loida M. Pondevida to shed some light on the topic. Check out the FAQs below.


      1. Can unemployed pregnant women expect benefits from SSS and Philhealth?

    Yes, she can expect benefits from SSS and Philhealth for as long as she’s an active contributing member of both agencies and has:

      At least three posted monthly contributions before the semester of her date of delivery (for SSS).
      At least 9 monthly contributions prior to availment (for Philhealth).


      2. How can unemployed pregnant women ensure that they have benefits under these government agencies?

    a)       To be able to claim both SSS and Philhealth benefits, they should check their membership status first whether active/non-active/non-member by requesting a Static Information Sheet from SSS and a Member Data Record/MDR from Philhealth. For those who have no ID yet, they should apply for an ID at any SSS and Philhealth office.

    b)       The benefit claim, together with the complete requirements, should be filed on time. Claiming period for SSS maternity benefit is within 10 years from date of delivery while claiming period for Philhealth benefit is within 60 calendar days upon hospital discharge. Important: In availing of the Philhealth benefit, members are advised to file claims immediately before payment of hospital bills so as to experience a significant discount from the hospital charges. Processing period for reimbursement of these benefits would take around 30 to 60 days.


    Requirements for SSS Maternity Benefits and Philhealth benefits


    Click here to read more about the amount of contribution, when it is too late to claim benefits, the required number of contributions, and other benefits for pregnant women.

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