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  • This 1-Year-Old Girl Is the Newest Face of a Shampoo Brand!

    Baby Chanco made waves on the Internet last year for her head of thick and luscious hair.
    by Kate Borbon .
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  • Pantene Japan has just launched a brand new advertising campaign — and it features a 1-year-old baby girl!

    Back in 2017, when Baby Chanco was only 6 months old, she gained a massive following on Instagram after her mother Mami Kano started posting photographs of Chanco’s voluminous hair. Now boasting over 300,000 followers, her account is a gallery that features Chanco during different moments in her daily life —playing at home, having fun with her family, getting a trim, and more.

    Baby Chanco grabbed the attention of Pantene when she was featured in an article on People, where the magazine joked the then 6-month-old should have her own hair advertisement. Not long after, representatives of the renowned hair care brand approached Baby Chanco’s parents, and on January 7, 2019, an advertisement featuring her was launched online. In the ad, Chanco is depicted joyfully smiling while lying next to Sato Kondo, a Japanese TV announcer who has gained attention in Japan for her gorgeous gray hair.

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    Mami expressed her feelings regarding her daughter’s growing popularity. She told People, “I’m so surprised with the reaction but also very proud of the praise from many countries.”

    Yoshiaki Okura, the hair care associate brand director at P&G Japan, talked about the campaign’s aim, saying that the ad is geared towards women who “want to be positive and make a new start through their hair.”

    Additionally, Okura also opened up about why the brand wanted to feature Baby Chanco in it. “We went straight to her mother because Chanco’s personality and special character matches our image for women we want to support,” he said. “We feel [Chanco’s] beautiful hair has strong power that makes people positively move forward. And we also support her mother’s positiveness to post wonderful moments with Chanco.”

    Aside from the advertisement, Pantene also released a digital movie that stars Baby Chanco, entitled “The Hairy Tale.”

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