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  • 8 Celeb Moms Share Their Baby's Milestones (Proud Mom Moments!)

    We had fun checking out how these celeb mommas captured their baby's precious milestones!
    by Rachel Perez .
8 Celeb Moms Share Their Baby's Milestones (Proud Mom Moments!)
PHOTO BY @nikkigil, @pauleenlunasotto, @camilleprats via Instagram
  • Thanks to technology, capturing your little one's milestones is as easy as whipping out your smartphone camera and pressing the record button. With social media, it's also so easy to share it with your loved ones. Documenting a baby's "first" is a way of celebrating the little things and appreciating your baby's development and small achievements. 

    We had fun checking out how these celeb mommas captured their baby's precious milestones! They are as giddy and emotional as any mom. Remember not to compare as each child develops in his or her own pace! Lookie, lookie!

    Tali's "mano po" achievement

    Proud mama Pauleen Luna Sotto shared this clip of her daughter Tali doing the traditional "mano,"a sign of respect in Philippine culture.  "I would like Tali to grow up knowing how to 'mano' and say 'po and opo,' the new mom wrote. Pauleen shared that when they started teaching her, Tali would often put the hand straight to her mouth! 

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    Gabriel's first steps

    Learning how to balance and take one step after another involves courage and good motor skills. That's why a baby's first steps is a significant achievement, which typically happens between 9 months to age 1. Karen delos Reyes' son Gabriel just turned 10 months about five days before this video was taken. 

    Finn's first giggles

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    Mom Nikki Gil shared son Finn's "first time giggles." He was around three months here. "Nakakabaliw, [to be honest]," she added. A baby's first real smile usually occurs at around two months, which is also around the same time he learns to make sounds other than crying. Combine the two, and so here comes the giggles!

    Pancho's thumbsucking

    Saab Magalona's son Pancho didn't want to let go of his thumb when he found it soothing! Typically, babies start sucking their thumb (sometimes their toes!) at about three months. This little preemie is doing just fine!

    Nala Camilla's first taste of solids


    "First time to eat solids today," mom Camille Prats Yambao wrote on Instagram. Her daughter Nala Camilla got her first non-milk meal through the traditional way of pureeing fruits or vegetables and offering it to the baby via a soft spoon. "Potato was our first pick, and she loved it!" Camille shared.

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    Adalynn Riley's eating solids on her own

    Adalynn Riley started eating solids at 6 months old, too, but mom Alyanna Martinez did so through baby-lead weaning. Instead of spoonfeeding, food is prepared so that Adalynn Riley can use her hands to feed herself. "This must have been quite an experience for her having only had breast milk her entire life," the first time mom wrote. 

    Calen Asher's early rollover

    Calen Asher pushed his elbows on the mat and discovered that when he does that, he ends up lying on his back! "Two months old and can already turn himself!" mom LJ Moreno-Alapag said in the clip. Typically, babies discover this motor skill at around 4 months. Rolling over from his back to his tummy happens and vice versa may occur at about 5 to 6 months. 

    Athena responding to her name

    The moment when your baby already responds to her name is a big step. Babies typically recognize and respond to their name at around 5 to 7 months old. Rufa Mae Quinto's daughter Alexandra Athena was 6 months old in this video. "I call her Athena, and she knows her name. I [help] stimulate her brain all the time," the first time mom wrote.


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