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  • Behind-the-Scenes: Smart Parenting's March 2010 Cover Shoot with Christine Jacob-Sandejas

    Check out these behind-the-scenes photos from Smart Parenting magazine's March 2010 cover shoot with celebrity mom Christine Jacob-Sandejas!
    by SmartParenting Staff . Published Mar 8, 2010
  • We share with you some behind-the-scenes photos and stories from SP Mag’s March 2010 cover shoot of Christine Jacob-Sandejas and her adorable kids. Enjoy this exclusive sneak peek and learn more about Christine’s top tips on parenting, relationships and more.
    The Don’t Say Cheese Game
    With each click of the camera, Christine Jacobs-Sandejas’s kids (Nina, 6, Luis, 3; and Jaime, 1) would chime with their different words of choice. It’s a daily game the young Sandejases play to widen their vocabulary. Here are some of the cute and funny words they would use in place of the usual “Cheese!”:

    Lemonade, Popcorn, Pool. Fairy, Strawberry, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs (which was showing at the time of the photo shoot)

    Kids say the darndest things

    Says Paolo, Christine’s eldest child, 9 years old, to his younger sister Gabby, aged 8: “I’m indestructible! You can throw a nuclear bomb at me!”

    We also asked Christine to give us her personal top ten tips when it comes to disciplining her kids, taking care of the house, bonding with her hubby and the kids, staying beautiful, stress-free, and more.


    1.Top Tip for Dealing with Clutter:

    “Bins. Garage sales.”

    2. Top Tip for a Valentine Date with the Hubby:

    “Look beautiful and spend quality time with hubby.”

    3. Top Tip for Bonding Time with the Kids:

    “We love the beach so traveling alone with them is my favorite bonding time activity.”

    4. Top Tip for Keeping Fit

    “Exercise and proper diet. No carbs.”

    5. Top Tip for Mom’s Beauty Routine:

    “Exercise and sunblock.”

    6. Top Tip to DE-STRESS:

    “Exercise and shopping!”

    7. Top Tip for Child Discipline:

    “I always warn them before I do anything; warning them before the actual punishment.”

    8. Top Tip for Kid’s Nutrition:

    “Eat something that’s “alive”, like fruits, veggies and milk.”

    9. Top Tip for First-Time Parents:

    “Read a lot and take care of your own child. Don’t be scared to be hands-on.”

    10. Top Tip for a Fun Vacation:

    “Play! Even for parents, be a child.”

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