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  • Behind-the-Scenes: SP April 2010 cover shoot with Pia Magalona

    It's all about the summer sunshine for Smart Parenting magazine April 2010 cover shoot with Pia Magalona and kids. Check out these behind-the scenes snapshots and personal parenting tips from Pia.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • It was the day of the famous Pacquiao-Clottey bout when we met Pia Magalona and her cute kids Arkin, 10 years old (who looks so much like his dad master rapper Francis Magalona) and little Clara, 9 years old, the youngest among Pia’s 8 children.
    Here are some fun trivia during the shoot:
    Arkin would use a tennis racket-like gadget to zap mosquitoes! He would playfully navigate the area in search of his next prey.  
    Clara would regale the entire team with her amusing stories of classmates consulting her on issues like love and romance.

    We had to create shade for Arkin because of the direct sunlight, the glare of which was making it hard for him to look into the camera and smile.
    At one point, we had to shade the Magalonas with umbrellas in between takes because of the harsh noon sunlight.
    We absolutely loved Pia’s necklace which created such a stylish effect against her green dress which Clara said looked very “Lady Gaga-ish.”
    Ever wondered how Pia keeps it all together, raising all 8 children by herself? We share with you her personal parenting tips:
    1. Top Tip for dealing with the summer heat:
    Drink plenty of water. ALL the time.
    2. Top Tip for planning a summer vacation with the family:
    Top consideration would be that the smallest children benefit most from it. That they will have fun and be safe. 
    3. Top Tip for Bonding time with the kids:
    It's all about making memories and using the time together to teach lessons and learn from each other as well.
    4. Top Tip for Mom's Beauty Routine:
    Eat healthy, look good to feel great and keep smiling! :) 
    5. Top Tip to De-stress:
    Regular massages... ahhh... AND singing at the top of my lungs whilst driving!
    6. Favorite Summer Outfit
    Linen anything, cotton floral prints and havaianas! 
    7. Favorite Book or Movie
    Book: "Lovey: A Very Special Child" by Mary McCracken. I read this when it was first released in the 70s and it has never left my mind. It inspired me to always want to become a teacher for emotionally-disturbed children.
    Though I didn't realize my dream in a classroom setting, it also helped me become the caring mother I've become.
    8. Top Tip for Keeping Fit
    Again, eating healthy and taking care of your own children while they are still young. Just keeping up with them helps you stay fit. 
    9. Top Tip for Child Discipline
    Be kind, but be firm. Consistency is key. Don't waver, don't flip-flop. Let your child know from the beginning that you have authority over him. 
    10. Top Must-Have for Summer

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