• Bianca Gonzalez Almost Predicted Her Pregnancy

    The universe was subtly telling her a new baby was coming
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
Bianca Gonzalez Almost Predicted Her Pregnancy
PHOTO BY @iamsuperbianca/Instagram
  • It was only over a month ago when TV host Bianca Gonzalez announced via Instagram that she was pregnant with her and husband JC Intal's second child. "Adding to the already looong list of babies being born this year," she captioned her post. 

    At a recent event launching her as the celebrity ambassador of natural food supplement Mega Malunggay, Bianca sat down with Smartparenting.com.ph and Pep.ph for a short interview. Here, she revealed that, looking back now, there were signs that had told her a new baby would be coming. 

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    “I remember at a wedding, I was beside the wife of Chris Tiu, si Cla. She was super pregnant noon. I was beside Mic, [partner] of James Yap, she was pregnant na noon.

    Flanked by two very pregnant women, who were both expecting their second children, she remembers thinking, "So I was like, 'Puwede na rin ako, ah... Parang ako rin, ready na rin ako.'"

    Little did she know that she was already pregnant then.

    Bianca says it was also merely a gut feel that made her take a home pregnancy test in March.

    "I took a home test lang—I wasn't even late, I'm irregular. Parang I just felt, 'I think I’ll pee on the strip today'. And I was so shocked na two lines kasi my husband and I really only decided na we'll try for a second one late last year when my daughter turned two. And we're so lucky na it didn't take that long," she tells us. 


    Bianca and JC are parents to Lucia, who was born on October 23, 2015. 

    Bianca reveals that this pregnancy is a lot different than when she was carrying Lucia in her womb. "With my first pregnancy, talagang parang lumalaki lang ang tyan ko. It was such a breeze."

    This one, however, has been the exact opposite, as she experienced extreme symptoms during her first trimester alone. 

    "The first four months, I would vomit 8 to 10 times a day. I was so alarmed. In two weeks or a bit over two weeks, parang I lost na mga 9 pounds.

    The soon-to-be mom of two is thankful the worst is over. "Thankfully, it got a bit better when I hit 4 months. I still vomit now but mga 2 times a day na lang. I just tried to take my prenatal vitamin more often again so I won't get sick," she said, adding that she also takes malunggay supplement once a day as a source of antioxidants and vitamin C. 

    Is she ready for Round 2 of breastfeeding and sleepless nights?

    "Yung not sleeping, yung waking up every two hours pero hindi ka naman talaga natulog, I’m so afraid of that kasi I just recently got back yung seven to eight hours of sleep.

    In January this year, Bianca shared that she ended her two-year breastfeeding journey when Lucia weaned herself from the breast after her second birthday. ""By that time, she would only feed (direct latch) two times a day: before morning nap, and before sleeping at night. We had been traveling; and when you travel, nagugulo ang sleeping and eating schedule. And my guess is, she figured, 'Kaya ko naman pala matulog nang hindi na nag-mi-milk.'"


    "But with a good support system around you and the right things around you to help you, hopefully, number two will be easier," said the expectant mom.  

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