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  • Breakfast Power: Get your kid energized with the first meal of the day

    Turn your child into a morning champ with a delicious and nutritious breakfast.
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    Koko Krunch

    No matter how many times kids eat in a day, it’s always what they gobble up first that’s most important. Breakfast is what gives them energy throughout the day and what keeps their brain focused while at school. Let your kids get the most out of their breakfast by giving them food that’s packed with the right nutrients.


    Preparing food for your kids, though, is usually a challenge. It’s always hard to sneak in the healthy stuff when they prefer to have something delicious and fun to eat. Even though it’s a good idea to give them a rice meal, preparing it takes up a lot of precious time in the morning. But don’t worry, Mommy! There’s one yummy, nutritious, and easy-to-prepare breakfast option available—whole grain cereal.

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    Most mistake breakfast cereal as a sugary treat, but those made with whole grain actually contain lots of vitamins and even give a better energy boost compared to fruits and vegetables. This is because each part of the grain has its own nutritional value. The outer layer contains fiber and iron, the middle has good carbohydrates, and the inner part is packed with B vitamins and more iron. 

    It’s also good to know that even if grains are processed to be made into breakfast cereal, having a “whole grain” label on the pack means that the grains contain the exact same nutritional proportions as when it was first harvested. 


    See, healthy breakfast doesn’t have to be a challenge! Giving your kids a bowl of NESTLE BREAKFAST CEREALS is something they’ll enjoy and something their bodies will love!

    For more breakfast and mom tips or to find out more about NESTLÉ BREAKFAST CEREALS, log on to www.facebook.com/nestlecereals.ph

    Koko Krunch

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