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Camille Prats Gets Real About Pregnancy Struggles in New Maternity Shoot
PHOTO BY @camilleprats/Instagram
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  • “Picture-perfect” isn't how one would usually describe pregnancy, yet actress-TV host Camille Prats, who is on the third trimester of her third pregnancy, knew she still wanted a maternity photo shoot.

    In a blog entry entitled “Pregnancy is a bumpy ride,” she shared some beautiful true-to-life pregnancy snapshots from her latest maternity photo shoot, which included husband VJ Yambao and their kids Nathan, Ice, and Nala. She also wrote about the reason why she chose such an uncommon theme.

    “While I was browsing through my phone, I came across an article that talked about real pregnancy struggles, and right away I knew I wanted that as my theme,” she wrote.

    The pressure to look and be perfect is a problem many moms face — this, on top of all the work they need to do, including taking care of the kids, managing the home, and earning a living for the family.


    In the past, due to unrealistic portrayals on social media, women have quietly battled an unhealthy self-image resulting to depression because they felt like they don't measure up to what society considers “beautiful” or “enough.” Thankfully, that trend is slowly changing as women have become more accepting of their true selves and the unfiltered realities of a mom's life.

    “It is not a requirement to look perfect during this time of our lives and IT'S OKAY. It's beyond our control anyway. Let's not be too hard on ourselves,” she added.

    In her blog, Camille shared her ponderings on pregnancy and some humorous takes on the challenges each trimester brings — all of which, she says, makes the journey all the sweeter.

    “The first trimester is the moooooost challenging of all. Morning sickness, for some, all day sickness, nausea, sleepiness, sore breasts, enhanced smell of everything especially garlic, perfume etc,” she wrote.

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    In a previous interview with SmartParenting.com.ph, while she was still pregnant with daughter Nala, Camille narrated, “I could hardly get out of bed. I would throw up everything I eat, even water. Everything I ate nagiging maasim siya. I lost a few pounds. I only started eating again on the fourth month.

    “I didn’t like the smell of my husband, [kasi] he smelled like garlic to me. And he would tell me, ‘I just took a shower, how could I possibly smell like garlic?’”

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    Camille described the second trimester in her blog as “the honeymoon stage of pregnancy,” saying she felt great during this time. But when the third trimester came, the aches and pains came about.

    “Now on my last trimester, lower back pain has been a constant companion. I've been doing pregnancy yoga stretches to help release it and so far it's really helping me. I struggle to get out of bed and would often need a little push or pull from VJ to help me stand. My legs and feet now expand at night especially when I do too much standing and walking.”

    After three pregnancies, Camille sure knows now a lot not only about being a mom but about herself, as well.


    “Pregnancy taught me to embrace and continue to love my ever changing body. It taught me to be selfless and think about my baby rather than how I look.  To accept what happens and be joyful about it. Pregnancy feels like forever when in fact, I think 9 months is quite short to actually grow, mold and form a human being, but that's the miracle of life. 

    “It taught me to love my flaws — growing, darkening areas of your body, stretch marks, breakouts and everything else.”

    She also included this reminder to other moms who are feeling doubtful of themselves: 

    “We all go through pregnancy differently, let's not compare ourselves with what we see on the internet. No more layering of filters and photoshops for that IG worthy post, just do you and love every inch of it. You are a mom and you are beautiful.”

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