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  • Celebrity Moms Remind Parents: ‘Never Forget To Teach Our Children Consent’

    Victim blaming and rape culture were again put to light because of recent news.
    by Kitty Elicay .
  • The start of the New Year was muddled with the news that a 23-year-old flight attendant named Christine Dacera was found dead in her Makati City hotel room after partying with friends on New Year’s Eve.

    In the days that followed, the public continued to follow her story as more details emerged. Initial findings showed that Dacera had died of ruptured aortic aneurysm, however, her family believes she had been abused after her body was found to have bruises on her arms and legs.

    Dacera had also told her mom that she was celebrating with three friends, however, CCTV footage obtained from the hotel where she stayed showed that the flight attendant was with 11 men on the night that she died. Three are already under police custody and have been charged with the crime of rape with homicide, while nine remain at large.

    After her story went viral, the hashtag #JusticeForChristineDacera trended on Twitter, especially as comments on various news articles questioned her attending a party with male friends. “She should know better,” and “she should have worn more clothes” were just some of the biting statements netizens wrote.


    Celebrities could not help but weigh in on the issue, as victim-blaming and rape culture were again put to light because of Decera’s case.

    Actress Jennylyn Mercado tweeted, “As a parent, what’s one thing we should never forget to teach our children? Consent.”

    She followed it with, “Every time you blame the victim, you take the side of the rapist. There is no excuse to rape. Rape exists because of rapists. Stop victim blaming. #JusticeForChristineDacera”

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    When one netizen accused her of concluding rape while the investigation was still ongoing, Jennylyn defended her stance, saying that her reaction was meant for those who were quick to judge victims.

    “Ang daming kulang na impormasyon na lumabas. We all want the whole truth and justice for Christine. This tweet is about those people na ang reaction kaagad ay victim blaming irregardless kung kaninong kaso,” the mom of one wrote.

    “2021 na, may ganyan pa din mag-isip. Mali,” she added.

    She also shared a photo that read, “Victim blaming is NOT OKAY. But so is persecution without proof.”


    Host Bianca Gonzalez tweeted, “Rape happens because of rapists, not because anyone ‘asked for it.’”

    The mom of two also retweeted several users with a similar stance as hers. One tweet read, “Let us not invalidate the trigger of victims of sexual abuse with what’s happening. They experience trauma that even us cannot comprehend. We should always be reminded that what we should seek is justice.”

    On her Twitter account, Cristine Reyes shared a photo by online entertainment platform FTTM, which reads, “Maria Clara was raped… when she was in [a] convent… by a priest.

    “It was never on the clothes. Nor on the behavior. Nor on the situation. It’s always the rapist.”

    Mom Andi Eigenmann took to Instagram stories to share her thoughts, resharing a photo by @kidsforkidsph. “It’s never the clothes, the situation, or the sobriety. It starts and ends with the rapist,” read the text on the photo.



    PHOTO BY Instagram/andieigengirl

    Talking to your kids about consent is a difficult and confusing conversation, but it is an important one that you need to make. Click here for tips on how to teach a child about consent.

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