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  • LOOK! Chinese Mall Puts Up 'Husband Storage Pods'

    It's where you can "deposit" your husband while you shop.
    by Rachel Perez .
  • We all know that husbands generally don't like being dragged into the mall when we go shopping. They would rather stay in bed and/or play video games, instead of following us around from shop to shop just to carry our bags. So when they do need to accompany us to the mall, they can be grumpy companions. 

    A Chinese mall, however, found a solution. According to local news site The Paper, The Global Harbor shopping mall in Shanghai has put up several glass pods for husbands who feel that shopping with their wives have become like an episode of the Amazing Race (in our opinion, at least).

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    Each glass pod, or, as the BBC calls it, "husband storage," has a comfy chair, monitor, computer, and gamepads where they can play '90s video games. The service is free as of now, but eventually, they would need to pay a small amount to use the service.

    The people behind the pods said that it's also for the wives, so they would no longer get annoyed when their husbands tell them to hurry or ignore them while they shop. 

    The initial feedback from husbands and even men with girlfriends who have tried the pods are positive, but it has a lot of room for improvement. People mentioned installing a ventilation system and air conditioning in the pods and upgrading the games available to play. 

    Not all of the women, however, were thrilled about the pod. One woman said when she went to collect her partner, she was forced to wait for him until he finished playing a game. Another woman thinks it was pointless to bring the husband shopping if he can’t be at least useful in carrying shopping bags. 

    The Chines social media is undecided whether the pods are a genius idea or not. What do you think?


    [h/t: Entrepreneur Philippines]

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