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  • Chiz Escudero Talks About Heart's Miscarriage Publicly for the First Time

    The newly-elected Sorsogon governor guests in his wife's vlog
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
Chiz Escudero Talks About Heart's Miscarriage Publicly for the First Time
PHOTO BY @iamhearte/Instagram
  • For the first time, Chiz Escudero spoke publicly about his wife Heart Evangelista's miscarriage that happened in June 2018. In Heart's YouTube vlog dated August 11, 2019, the 49-year-old Sorsogon governor shared his thoughts and feelings about losing their unborn twins.

    Heart, as the host, asked him, "How would you advice people who went through the same thing?" In a nutshell, Chiz says, "Huwag mo lang sabayan."

    "We cannot be both crying on each other's shoulders and consoling each other. One has to do the consoling in relation to the other one who is grieving," he added.

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    It was Mother's Day last year when the actress announced on Instagram that she and Chiz were expecting their first child. 

    "The greatest of blessings all in God’s perfect timing! Our beautiful family just got a little bigger. We can’t wait to meet you little one...," she captioned a couple photo where she is holding a baby onesie.


    However, only five days after, she posted an ultrasound image that shows she was pregnant with twins, but had lost one at the time.

    "Unfortunately one of the embryos was smaller and behind in terms of development and so we lost one of the twins. Our hearts were heavy at the thought but we knew we had to focus on the good," read part of her caption.

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    On June 6, 2018, Heart shared that at the 3-month mark, the remaining twin's heart had stopped beating. "Doctor told me that there really wasn’t anything we could’ve done, that this happens to a higher percentage of first time moms," she said in her Instagram post.


    Moving on was very difficult for Heart. Two months after she lost her baby, she began setting aside the items she had bought for her daughter, whom she would have named Mira. At the time, she was so heartbroken that she could not even talk about it. Today, more than a year later, Heart seems to be in a better place — and so does Chiz.


    "Although it seemed that I was not affected, and only you was the one affected, it's something that a couple should actually ..." Chiz began to say in Heart's vlog. 

    "Nakita kita umiyak ka e," Heart stated, interrupting her husband midway. Chiz was speechless for a moment.

    "Akala mo tulog ako pero pagbaba ko super bloodshot yung mata mo,” she added. The governor laughed it off in admission.

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    When he had regained his composure, Chiz continued, "In my case, I didn't indulge, I didn't dwell. And that's how I guess we were able to overcome it."

    This somehow relates to their discussion in the earlier part of the vlog where he gave an advice to those going through difficult times: "The only thing permanent in this world is change. You have one choice. Adapt to the change. Try to make the most out of it." 

    Watch Heart's vlog below:

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