• 23 Gigil-worthy Photos of Baby Talitha Maria Sotto

    Pauleen and Vic's daughter is spreading good vibes on social media with her oh-so-adorable snaps!
    by Rachel Perez .
23 Gigil-worthy Photos of Baby Talitha Maria Sotto
PHOTO BY @pauleenlunasotto/Instagram
  • Four days after she was born on November 6, 2017, Talitha Maria Sotto graced her mom Pauleen Luna-Sotto's Instagram feed for the first time. And my, how her fans love her little one! Tali's arrival came earlier than the first-time mom expected, and after an eventful childbirth, all is well and good. 

    The youngest of TV host-comedian Vic Sotto's kids is turning 10 months in September, and we couldn't resist compiling her cutest and most "kagigil" photos, so far!

    "Oh this baby can steal many hearts!" mom Pauleen wrote as a caption for Tali's sailor-themed photo shoot done by Stork Studio. 

    Those folds in her arms are so "kagat worthy" for any mommy!

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    This baby girl is such a natural posing in her adorable swimsuits!

    She celebrated her sixth month and her dad's birthday in Siargao! 

    Getting her sunshine vitamin!
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @pauleenlunasotto/Instagram Stories

    Tali is a certified beach baby—she just loves the water!

    Sea or pool water, don't care!
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @pauleenlunasotto/Instagram Stories
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    She may have missed Wimbledon when her parents went to London, but she's not going to be left home again for their Hong Kong trip!

    She kept her parents entertained while waiting!
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @pauleenlunasotto/Instagram Stories

    ...even if it meant waiting for their flight for five hours! It's no biggie for this little cutie!

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    If this is what's going to greet you each morning, you'll want to wake up early!

    Look at her adorable gummy smile!

    Can't wait to see her sweet toothy smile!
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @pauleenlunasotto/Instagram Stories

    At nine months, her first tooth is starting to come out. 

    The dress came with a matching boomer!
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @pauleenlunasotto/Instagram Stories

    Maybe that's why she's chewing on this lovely Burberry dress?

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    Chillin' during the Smartparenting.com.ph shoot!
    PHOTO BY Lai de Guzman
    In May 2018, Tali had had her first shoot with Smartparenting.com.ph (that's us!).

    Oh, those chubby cheeks!
    PHOTO BY Lai De Guzman

    She posed with her mom and gave us her best smiles and pouty lips! 

    Looks like she has an innate talent to pose for the camera.
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @pauleenlunasotto/Instagram Stories

    Whether smiling or pouting, she's turning to be such a pro in front of the camera.

    Tali also started practicing to stand up. Soon, she'll be walking about!

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    Tali often used to sport a cute headpiece while waiting for her tresses to grow.

    Nice scarf, Tali!
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @pauleenlunasotto/Instagram Stories

    But now that she has more hair, her mom could already tie... um, clip her hair!

    She's also a certified Daddy's girl! 

    Just by looking at her many facial expressions, she may indeed have inherited her dad's humor. 

    Tali also loves making videos and taking selfies with her mom. 

    "I cannot wait to squish you again my darling," Pauleen wrote as a caption. We cannot agree more!

    Her stares can easily make a grownup melt.
    PHOTO BY Lai De Guzman

    Aww. How can you not get gigil with this cutie little girl?

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