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  • Dad Builds a Special Rocking Chair So He Could Read to His 3 Children All at the Same Time

    The master craftsman's unique creation allows the kids to enjoy storytime in the comfort of his lap (and arms)
  • What do you do if you’ve got three children who all want to listen to a story while they sit on your lap on a rocking chair? Most of us would just move the storytime group to the bed or the sofa. But most of us aren’t master craftsman of rocking chairs. A master craftsman would build a better rocker.

    Hal Taylor is a master craftsman who's been honing his skill for more than 20 years now. Taylor likes to read bedtime stories to his two children while embraced by the soothing rhythm of a rocking chair. When his third child was born, however, there was no more room on the chair.

    “When Rose was born, she proved herself to be the ‘communicator’ in the family… she was NOT going to be left out of the reading crowd!

    “I did not have a lap large enough for three children [so] I had to come up with something,” Taylor tells Bored Panda.

    And so, he built this: a three-seater rocking chair especially made for storytime. It has two seats on either side of the main seat where the armrests should be. There’s an additional seat if you count the reader’s lap.

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    Hal Taylor and his kids on the Storytime Rocking Chair

    Hal Taylor's Stroytime Rocking Chair

    Hal Taylor's Stroytime Rocking Chair


    Taylor calls his chair the Storytime Rocking Chair. It also sells on his website for $7,000 (P330,000). The chair is handcrafted, made of solid wood and is built with 262 pieces of precisely cut wood pieces which Taylor says is more pieces than you’d find in 20 rocking chairs. His regular rocking chairs has a starting price of $5,000.

    How does one raise a child who loves to read? We asked moms and this is what they shared with us:

    1. Make the experience fun.
    Dindi Besinga-Manlapaz, an art teacher and mom to Dato, 2; and Raja, 8 months; says, like Racquel, she and her husband place books with toys around their house, and bring them along during trips. “I also placed a tent with books inside my boys’ room, and even our iPad is filled with eBooks instead of games,” Dindi shares.

    Similarly, mom Roxanne Bornilla shares that she reads as often as she can to her three kids. “We even read eBooks, the ones that auto-play, during lunch,” she adds.

    Em Macanaya-Alcantara, a housewife, musician and choral conductor, says she and her husband, Ton, make sure that they read aloud any reading material to their daughter, Ariadne, who is just 2 years and 10 months old.

    “Even if we can’t finish a book, we are happy because we have at least introduced new words to her. Recently, I placed her books beside the main shelf so she could choose her books, while we choose ours. It worked because now she’s the one who initiates reading time,” says Em.

    2. Start them young.
    Melanie Medrano, a chemist and mom to three-year-old Martie, says they started exposing him to books as early as three months old. “We started with touch and feel books, then colorful board books. After that we moved to song books, story books and so on,” she shares. “Before he reached two, he could recite the alphabet, without us making a conscious effort to teach him. Before three, he could already read 2- to 4-letter words.”

    3. Be consistent.
    Work-at-home mom Mae Labra-Yap shares how she would regularly read to her son at bedtime while he was still in her womb, an idea she got from parenting magazines.

    “The idea was put to the test though, when he would start running and somersaulting on bed whenever I would read. Reading to him then was not so easy. But it seemed to bear fruit though, because when he was barely four years old, he suddenly just picked up his Dr. Seuss book and read it by himself.” In the end, mommy Mae says that it’s consistency that matters.


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