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  • Dad's Excuse Letters for His Kids' Tardiness Will Definitely Make You Laugh

    If you ever get tired of writing the same excuse letters for your kids coming to school late, give this a try
  • Accomplishing early-morning duties when you have more than one or two school-aged kids is not easy. It takes careful preparation, immense focus, and everyone doing their tasks independently and on schedule to be able to get everyone out the door with ample travel time going to school. Sometimes, though, things just don’t go according to plan.

    Now, imagine if you have five kids to prep for school every week day. It makes early mormings an even greater challenge.

    This dad-of-five did uses humor to deflect their late-to-school dilemma. He may have given up on waking up all his kids early and hustling them to get ready for school on time, but he makes up for it by writing hilarious excuse letters for all his five kids if and when they need one—and that seems to be often.

    Seth King, a dad of Isabella, 15, Carson, 13, Sophia, 10, Nolan, 6, and  Liam, 3, of Salt Lake City, Utah, started documenting on Instagram his beautifully hand-written excuse notes for his kids a year ago, but admitted that he has been at it way earlier than that. The "late notes", which he describes as a mixture of public shaming and parental love, certainly make for a good laugh.

    Here are some of our favorites:


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    King started writing the entertaining, sometimes fabricated excuse notes because he got tired of writing the same letter. He says sometimes his kids find it funny, too, but other times, they're mostly embarrassed. However, their teachers have come to look forward to reading them because it brightens up their day, which is one of King's goals.

    "I hoped that this new late-note style would motivate my then middle school teenagers to make a greater effort to minimize/eliminate their teenage tardiness tendency. I want them to know that life is hard and decisions have consequences. But above all their parents love them, they're cared for, we have their back, and it's important to smile, laugh, and always look on the bright side," King said in an interview with Huffington Post.

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    Before you emulate this dad's funny ways, first map out an effective early morning routine in your household. Do what you can the night before, say, cook your child’s baon that you can just reheat in the morning and teach your kids to be independent as early, to name a few. If all else fails, laughter may just be the best response instead of stressing out on things out of your control. There will always be the next morning to try not to be on time, right?



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