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Dance Workout For Babywearing Moms and Babies: Yay or Nay?
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    Having a baby is a marvelous thing. Pregnancy has brought a lot of changes to your body and so will your postpartum experience. Since you’re still getting used to your new role as a mom and your baby your top priority, there is absolutely no pressure to get back in shape.

    More often than not, getting back your pre-pregnant body is an uphill battle. You have a new baby to attend to, a household to run, and for moms who delivered via C-section, a wound that needs to heal before you’re cleared to exercise. Breastfeeding really helps, though, until you get the go signal from your doctors to work up a sweat.

    When you do get your doctor’s go-ahead to hit the gym and yet you can’t seem to not find the time for it. But you have to start somewhere, right? You also need to allow yourself to feel good for a happy mommy equals a happy baby! Well, you might want to try this unique dance-exercise workout especially designed for new moms. Don’t’ worry, there is no experience required.

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    These babywearing dance classes are 45-minute to an hour-long and lets moms work out by dancing with their baby in tow--on a sling to be precise? Think dancing the Zumba, ballet, salsa, waltz, or any dance workout, with a 20-pound weight strapped on to your body. The added weight makes you exert more effort to move, thus, you burn more excess fat. Plus, it’s a good bonding time for you and your baby, too! Classes are designed to be fun and relaxing for both of you. You also get to meet and make friends with other new moms who are probably in the same stage of motherhood as you. Definitely a win-win scenario.


    If you’re worried how your baby would take all that dancing, almost all babies love to be held. Holding your baby while swaying to any beat can be very enjoyable for your little one. Parenting-book author and pediatrician William Sears, M.D., have said, "It's only natural that dancing calms babies. Their whole uterine existence was a moving experience. Babies crave movement after birth because to them it is the norm. Being still disconcerts babies. They don't understand it and it frightens them. Movement relaxes them." It's like rocking them to sleep, only you're moving to a more lively beat. 

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    Watch this feature on Sling and Dance, one of the companies that provide these unique kind of dance-exercise class for mom in Los Angeles, California, on Yahoo.com:

    All over the U.S., there’s also Babywearing Ballet and Salsa Babies, to name a few dance studios that offer this unique dance workout for new moms. And while we have not heard of this locally, it’s not far-fetched as we are already hooked on the Zumba craze.

     What do you think, moms?

    Would you join a babywearing dance class?

    Yes!!! I love dancing as a workout!

    Maybe. I would have to try it first with my baby to be sure. 

    Absolutely not! I'm not really a dance-workout kind of mom. 

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