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  • Dawn Zulueta's Parenting Principles

    Dawn Zulueta shares the importance of structure when it comes to instilling good values and discipline.
    by Irene Nicolas-Recio and Angela Sy .

    Dawn’s Parenting Principles


    “You know how they say the terrible twos are the worst?” Dawn asks, “They were wrong. It’s the terrible threes, I’m telling you. The twos are nothing.”

    While we know which values are to be imparted to our children, the confusion arises over which values should be taught first. Do you teach them to save money and be frugal in these times of recession? Do you teach them compassion to fight the evils of a society fraught with violence? How about giving importance to education? To equality? To respect? How do you know which value is more important than the next, and which bodes more weight?

    Dawn assumes a shortcut upon which all values can be developed. She promises to raise her children under a strict envelope of structure. Structure? We ask.

    “Yes, structure,” Dawn nods, “Kasi you’re teaching a child that there is a time and place for everything. When you do that, later on it becomes easier to teach discipline and set limits. When there’s no structure, then it’s like pariwara, anything goes. The child is always screaming, always whimpering.”

    According to Dawn, Jacobo knows the proper decorum for every place and setting he may find himself in. But surely like any child, he still has his own share of tantrums?

    Dawn shrugs and explains that she doesn’t want to baby Jacobo and give in to all his wishes. “Yes, he has his moments, but I don’t fight him. The most he’ll do is just have a fit and lie on the floor crying. I’ll give him my piece, and say, ‘If you still want to stay there on the floor, you’re wasting time crying. That’s up to you. I’ll just be out here. Bye.’ He snaps out of it sooner or later.”


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