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  • Dirty Diaper Disrupts MRT-3 Operations During Morning Rush Hour

    It seems we need reminding how to properly dispose of dirty diapers.
    by Rachel Perez .
Dirty Diaper Disrupts MRT-3 Operations During Morning Rush Hour
PHOTO BY @wengsalvacion/Twitter
  • If you took the Metro Rail Transit 3 this morning, October 23, chances are you arrived at your destination, disheveled and enraged after operations were disrupted, forcing MRT commuters to wait more than an hour to ride the train.   

    Here was the odd but equally frustrating reason. MRT operations director Engr. Ric Inotorio told CNN Philippines the trains were unable to pass through the Ayala and Buendia stations in Makati City because someone threw a dirty disposable diaper, and it got caught on the MRT's overhead catenary system (OCS).

    According to Department of Transportation (DOTr) Undersecretary Cesar Chavez on Unang Balita"Ang OCS ay 'yung daluyan ng kuryente at 'yung OCS ang dumidikit sa pantograph na 'yung kuryente naman kumukuha papunta sa mga bagon." Due to safety reasons, the MRT-3 had to stop operations to carefully remove the soiled diaper. Chavez added that they were trying to identify the person who threw the diaper. It was not clear how the diaper got caught up in the MRT-3 cable lines. 


    As a result, the MRT-3 was only able to service passengers from North Ave. Station to Shaw Boulevard Station from 6:16 a.m. to 7:43 a.m., worsening the rush-hour Monday morning commute. Train commuters were forced to wait long lines or look for alternative transportation, as the queue at the MRT-3  Quezone Avenue Station reached Mo. Ignacia corner Sgt. Esguerra Sts.

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    Many couldn't believe a diaper caused so much trouble. 

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    Many netizens pointed to the MRT-3 operators' delayed and prolonged response to address the issue. However, a lot of the tweets also blamed it in Pinoys lack of discipline. 

    In case we need reminding, here is a list instructions on how to dispose of dirty diapers:

    1. Bring a disposable plastic bag with you. Always make sure you have a few in your diaper bag. 
    2. If you have to change your baby's nappies in a place that doesn't have a proper trash bin, temporarily place the soiled diaper in the disposable plastic bag and place inside your bag. If you're afraid you will forget you have it in your bag, set an alarm on your phone to remind you.  
    3. When you see a trash bin, dispose of the dirty diaper accordingly. Ideally, you should throw it in the non-biodegrable bin. Diapers take a long time to decompose, FYI.  
    4. Always throw trash in the trash can—everything from tiny candy wrappers to soiled diapers.  


    It's pretty easy to remember. Hopefully, we don't see this headline again. 

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