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  • Disney Adds All-new Dimension to “The Lion King”

    Relive the adventure of Simba as it hits theaters soon in 3D.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • “The Lion King” is one of Walt Disney Animation Studios' first hand-drawn 2D animated classic to be revamped with the latest 3D technology. Filmmakers decided to bring the classic back to the big screen and into fans’ homes in a whole new way, immersing audiences into the world of the Pride Lands. “The 3D aspect of a film can help to better tell a story,” says 3D stereographer Robert Neuman. “We used it in the way a composer uses music to score a film, having it echo the emotional content of the story. Getting the chance to add 3D to ‘The Lion King’ and to work with the original filmmakers to ensure the use of depth reflected their vision and enhanced their story was an incredible opportunity.” 

    Producer Don Hahn, along with the original directors, Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers, viewed every single image of the film during the 3D conversion process, providing direction on depth queues as well as final approval on the shots during dailies. Additionally, a handful of artists who worked on the 3D conversion process also worked on the original release of “The Lion King.” 

    The conversion required a team of more than 60 3D artists from multiple disciplines, including lighting, layout, effects and software engineering. Together, they defined a new dimension for “The Lion King,” returning to the original CAPS files (the compositing software program) and painstakingly working to establish the perception of depth necessary to establish the third dimensionality to the imagery. Overseeing each step, Neuman created the 3D Script for the film, which involved mapping out the depth levels of each layer given to establish the 3D effects. With some scenes holding more than 100 composited layers of elements and artwork, there was a rich source of material to work from, which allowed the artists to bring out even greater 3D detail and volume to the film.



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