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  • Doug and Chesca Kramer Give Fans a Tour of Their Dream House

    Team Kramer will move houses soon! Here's a peek.
    by Rachel Perez .
  • Team Kramer approaches another chapter in their lives!

    On March 9, the family released a video on YouTube and Facebook to give their fans a tour of their new house, which is still under construction. But it already had a structure so Chesca was able to take the viewers to every room and area in the house.

    "This brings back so many memories when we were building our first home. At that time, I was pregnant with Gavin," Chesca wrote on Team Kramer's Facebook and YouTube channel. "Back then we were just a young family and [look] at how the kids have grown already. Time does have wings, and I am so thankful that everything we do, we do as a family," she said.

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    Now that the kids Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin are getting older, Chesca and Doug decided to get a bigger space for the family. The kids have a music area, tree house (not shown in the video), and a classroom "just in case I decide to homeschool," Chesca said. Gavin has his bedroom, while Kendra and Scarlet share one room, which has its own bathroom and walk-in closet.

    The mom of three said it was a conscious decision for the girls to share a bedroom. "Because if one is sad, the other one can make sumbong. So there's an accountability partner with everything," Chesca explained.

    Dad and mom also have their spaces including his-and-hers offices. Doug proudly shared that his new cinema room will be bigger than the one in their current home with a seating capacity of 16 to 20.

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    The house is designed not just with the family in mind. It has a pool, loft, and family areas with a massive balcony and a couple of guest rooms. Yes, this is a family who plans to entertain and host houseguests! 

    "We have lots of friends who love to stay with us," Doug said. "And family!" Chesca added.

    Doug and Chesca have also allotted space for their household helpers who will have their own common room, dining room, sala, and amenities. "Espesyal sa amin ang mga ate and yayas namin," Doug explained. 

    "I am very excited. We are all excited. Hopeful and praying that it will just be as beautiful or even better than where it all started. As another door closes, a new one opens," Chesca said. 

    Watch the video below: 

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