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  • Girl Dads On Baby Duty! See How Erwan Heussaff, JC Santos Spend Time With Their Daughters

    Like moms, dads love to multitask when caring for their little ones, too!
    by Rachel Perez .
Girl Dads On Baby Duty! See How Erwan Heussaff, JC Santos Spend Time With Their Daughters
PHOTO BY @j.c.santos and @erwan on Instagram
  • There’s a reason why some moms are iffy about the dads taking over baby duties. That doesn't mean they're less capable. And we must admit, fathers have a way of making things work. Just look at Erwan Heussaff and JC Santos.

    Erwan Heussaff works out with the help of his daughter


    At the height of the lockdown in Australia, the first-time dad and food vlogger previously suggested that he already has a “dad bod.” After a series of different workouts he’s been doing, Erwan shared a video of himself doing a unique kind of exercise with his daughter Dahlia Amelié.

    “Close grip chest press, four sets of 10, for time,” the celebrity dad wrote in his Instagram stories.

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    Here’s how the unique workout goes: As he lies on the couch, Erwan lifts his daughter in the air and brings her close to his chest for a sweet kiss. It looks like Dahlia Amelié doesn’t mind. She’s giggling every time her dad kisses her.

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    Sometimes, it's just the little girl working out, while her dad supervises her. Anne Curtis shared Dahlia Amelié's tummy time with her papa, where she's flexing her neck muscles and getting ready to learn to crawl.


    Erwan's previous workout also involved Dahlia Amelié. But instead of being his weights for the exercises, his daughter slept on his chest. Now, that's how dads cool down after sweating it out.

    JC Santos is an expert multi-tasker while on baby duty

    What do you do when the baby is asleep? If you ask a mom, she might say it’s an opportunity to get some chores done or take time to get some well-deserved me-time. Well, dads, too! JC Santos shared a photo of himself playing PlayStation 4 (PS4), as his daughter River Altheia slept beside him.


    “Opportunity!” the first-time dad wrote as a caption with the hashtag #DaddyDuties.It’s either the volume is turned down, or the baby girl is already used to the sounds of her dad’s PS4 games.

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    In another post on Instagram, JC was using a tablet with River Altheia on his lap. “She’s a morning person, I guess,” he wrote as a caption. She sure is, judging by her smile.


    JC first shared a photo of himself with his daughter as they greet the sunrise on their roof deck. Since then, the celebrity dad has been sharing their bonding time, from caring for her while having his coffee to taking River Altheia to the doctor and more.

    Dads have their way of making their babies feel loved -- and it’s okay, moms! They do an excellent job at it!

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