• Every Mom Must See This "End The Mommy Wars" Photo Campaign

    Because “the world needs more love and less judgment”
  • Every Mom Must See This "End The Mommy Wars" Photo Campaign
  • CTWorkingMoms End Mommy Wars Photo Sepcial

    Aren’t you tired of being judged by your parenting choices?

    Whether you’re pregnant or already a mom, you’ve most likely heard of the mommy wars. Pick an issue—Breastfeeding moms versus formula- or bottle-feeding mom; pro-spanking parents versus those who swore never to lay a hand on their kids; stay-at-home moms versus working mothers, those who chose to do a home birth versus women who opted to schedule a C-section, co-sleeping versus sleep-training, cloth-diaper users versus disposable diaper users—and we can all relate. There will always be two sides to it claiming that theirs is better or the best. 

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    The thing is, taking sides only pit moms against other moms—and it shouldn’t have to be that way. We are all moms trying to raise bright, healthy, and happy young kids, no exception. Our choices and decisions may vary but we all make them with one thing in mind: our children.

    This year, CTWorkingMoms.com, a Connecticut-based award-winning online community for women balancing work and family life, started the Campaign for Judgment-Free Motherhood by having a photo shoot with different kinds of moms holding messages of support for other moms. The photos are made in the hope of inspiring and encouraging moms from across the world to do the same via social-media.

    See the powerful photos with clear-cut messages below:

    CTWorkingMoms End Mommy Wars Photo Special 1

    CTWorkingMoms End Mommy Wars Photo Special2

    CTWorkingMoms End Mommy Wars Photo Special 7

    CTWorkingMoms End Mommy Wars Photo Special4

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    CTWorkingMoms End Mommy Wars Photo Special5

    CTWorkingMoms End Mommy Wars Photo Special6

    CTWorkingMoms End Mommy Wars Photo Special 6

    CTWorkingMoms End Mommy Wars Photo Special8

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    CTWorkingMoms End Mommy Wars Photo Special9

    CTWorkingMoms.com founder and manger Michelle Noehren, writes in an article posted on their webstie.: “Personally, I think the mommy wars were created by the media as a way to pit women against each other and gain ratings and I just don’t want to be a part of that. I am soooo over it. Who cares if some moms choose to homeschool vs. use public schools or if some moms breastfeed and others don’t or if some moms let their kids watch more TV than others? The only choices we have control over are our own. What another mom chooses is her decision—who are we to judge that? And when you really think about it – what’s the point? It feels so much better to treat people kindly with loving intentions than to go straight to a place of judgment. We should be supporting women’s decisions instead of critiquing them and making snap judgments based off our limited knowledge of other people’s situations.”


    CTWorkingMoms End Mommy Wars Photo Special7

    "Judgment-free motherhood starts from within. We each have the power to be less judgmental if we work on letting the negative thoughts go. It takes practice and a willingness to change our mind, but it's absolutely possible," Michelle said in an interview with Upworthy. Severeal moms heed their call and posted their own uplifting messages for moms. Check out CTWorkingMoms' hugs page if ever you need a pick-me-up or two. 

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    Indeed, the photos speak to each and every mother all over the world. Let’s not be divisive and let motherhood prevail. We know it's so easy to just ignore hateful and judgemental comments abuot how we raise our kids, but that;s suimply not enough. It’s even more important to spread messages of love and support for each and every one of us—yes, even the mom who shamed you made a choice different from hers.

    All photos were taken by Jean Molodetz of I View Photography and published with consent from CTWorkingMoms.com.

    For view the whole photo series, click here. For more information about the CTWorkingMoms’ campaign, visit their website, or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


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