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  • LOOK: The Moment Olivia Reyes Met Her Baby Sister, Amelia, is Pure Joy!

    Olivia was excited to meet her baby sister for the first time. Watch how their first meeting went!
    by Rachel Perez .
LOOK: The Moment Olivia Reyes Met Her Baby Sister, Amelia, is Pure Joy!
PHOTO BY @andimanzano/Instagram
  • She has never been without either her mom or dad by her side for more than a day, but for the three nights that both her parents stayed at the hospital for mom Andi Manzano Reyes to give birth, three-year-old Pilar Olivia stepped up to the plate.

    On January 20, a day after Andi gave birth to her second child Corazon Amelia, Ate Olivia met her baby sister for the first time — and it was love at first sight.

    "I’m now officially an ate. Hi Amelia. I love you," the caption on Olivia's Instagram post read.

    Andi's husband GP Reyes also shared a video clip of how Olivia met Amelia for the first time. First, GP showed Olivia that her mom's big tummy is already gone, and when the toddler asked where her baby sister was, mom Andi replied, "Here!" That's when Olivia saw the baby, and exclaimed, "She's so cute!"


    Olivia took a seat on the side of her mom's bed, front row seats to Amelia's cot, and got a good look at her baby sibling. "No more tummy, but that's your baby sister," Andi repeated. Olivia said the cutest greeting, "Hi!" to her baby sibling as she touched Amelia's face gently as if she's trying to check if she's real.

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    "This melts my heart," Andi wrote as a caption for a series of photos showing Olivia cradling her baby sister and kissing Amelia's forehead. "We always talked about her carrying her baby sister when she’s born, and now she finally is," the proud new mom of two added. Look at how excited she was before she carried her little sis!

    After that magical first meeting, Ate Olivia is already helping Amelia wear her mittens, even singing and telling the little one stories! It looks like she can't wait to play with with her "new BFF" and dress up in twinning and matchy-matchy outfits.


    Dad GP has been preparing for this, obviously, as he posted this shirt with both his daughters' names on his Instagram Stories last Saturday.

    New dad of two GP Reyes is preparing for his daughters' twinning and BFF #OOTDs.
    PHOTO BY screenshot @gp_reyes/Instagram Stories

    GP and Andi also presented Ate Olivia with a big-sister gift from Amelia, which was a Princess Anna costume (from the movie Frozen). "I’m her Elsa even if I’m wearing the Anna costume Amelia gave me as a gift," the caption of Olivia's Instagram post read.


    Look, the sisters even look alike! Awww!

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