• GP Reyes: 'I Want Olivia to Have What I Never Did'; Reveals Family's Dark Past

    Plus, see Scarlet Snow Belo's very own life-sized bahay kubo, find out the gender of Jopay and Joshua Zamora's unborn child, and more!
    by Rachel Perez .
  • GP Reyes on Olivia's Travels: 'I want her to have what I never did.'

    "Isn't that the wish of every father for his child?" the businessman and dad of one wrote on Instagram. In a rare personal post by Andi Manzano's husband, he revealed his travels when he was young were not as pleasant. "They consisted of actually being utilized for child labor by my ex-father's foolish fly-by-night enterprises in Japan or pseudo-vacations, where we would attempt to sneak six people in a room that fit a maximum of two just to save on hotel bills," he described. GP added that their family's "nightmarish" trips were thankfully few and far in between. 

    "I never grew up with a jetset lifestyle. Quite far from it," GP said. He said his first time in Disneyland in Tokyo was when he was 15. It was only after he had started earning on his own that he began to see the world. "Today I have committed to ensuring my daughter doesn't experience any of the same suffering... So yeah, I've vowed to let Olivia experience all the world's most beautiful places, even if she may not fully recall them in full detail later on," he said.

    If you follow GP, Andi, or their daughter Olivia on social media, you know that having a baby didn't stop the couple from traveling the world. In fact, Olivia is probably one of the most-traveled celebri-tots today, and they're set to visit Rome, Florence, Venice, Budapest, Paris, and Amsterdam next month. "I am so excited. Another continent. Another stamp on the passport. More wonderful memories made," GP said. (inquirer.net)

    LOOK: Scarlet Snow Belo has her own life-sized bahay kubo

    "I love the song "Bahay Kubo, " and now I have a real one! Yipee!" read the caption on the little girl's Instagram album. The first video shows Scarlet's new bahay kubo that's big enough for grownups. It even has her name written by the entrance, ("Bahay Kubo ni Scarlet") beside newly-harvested vegetables. As Scarlet's mom Dr. Vicki Belo sang the popular folk song, and her father voiced his plans on how to decorate the traditional Filipino hut, the little girl insisted that her kitchen should stay in her playroom because the bahay kubo is "too big." What a nice way to teach Scarlet about vegetables, and maybe nutrition -- through play.  (pep.ph)

    It's going to be a girl for Jopay and Joshua Zamora!


    The former Sex Bomb and Maneouvres dancers couldn't contain their excitement when they found out during their gender reveal party that they're having a girl. The party was organized by Jopay and Joshua's friends, including actress Bianca Lapus. "I had to keep this a secret 'til today! I cried the moment I opened the envelope from Diof's doctor [Jopay's real first name is Diofanny]," Bianca wrote in the caption for the video of the gender. "I have been praying with these two all along this journey. I am such an excited Ninang!" she added. 

    "Thank you, Lord God, iba ka talaga. Sobrang na surprise kami ni Josh sa regalo mo and answered prayer talaga kasi it's a girl," the mom-to-be captioned a photo that showed her crying happy tears. "We couldn't thank our loved ones enough for supporting us! We love you all so much!" she wrote in a separate post. The couple tied the knot in 2014. In February 2015 they announced Jopay's pregnancy, which ended in miscarriage a month later. (gmanetwork.com)

    House bill seeks to ban all forms of hazing
    The House of Representative Justice Subcommittee on Prosecutorial Reforms proposed a substitute bill that will repeal the Anti-Hazing Law or Republic Act. No. 8049. The new proposed bill, which seeks to prohibit all forms of hazing during the initiation rites or practice of any student fraternity, sorority or organization, was submitted even before University of Santo Tomas (UST) law student Horacio Castillo III's death was reported, but only gained traction after the said incident. 

    Under the substitute measure, only initiation rites that do not inflict direct physical or psychological suffering, harm or injury to the neophyte would be allowed. That's only after it complies with several requirements, such as a written application for the conduct of the rites to proper authorities, assurance that it would not go for more than three days, registration with the school and in their respective local government units, among others. (gmanetwork.com)

    CHED worried about budget cuts for K-12 program
    The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Chairperson Patricia Licuanan warned legislators to carefully tread if they're planning on slashing the budget for the K-12 program to provide funding for Republic Act No. 10931 or the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act, which will take effect next year. "There are cuts also in CHED from the K-12 budget. I don't know if that was justified by the free tuition, but that is very important. The K-12 budget is used in this particular case for faculty to get higher credentials so that the quality of education may also improve," she said in a press conference. She said it's a good move to fund tertiary education in state universities and colleges, "but to take from another important program and then put it there, in the end, students also will suffer," Licuanan stressed. (gmanetwork.com)

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