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  • 18 Photos of Celeb Kids That Prove Children Grow Up Too Fast!

    Warning: These photos can make you feel old!
    by Rachel Perez .
18 Photos of Celeb Kids That Prove Children Grow Up Too Fast!
PHOTO BY @atashamuhlach_ and @cassy on Instagram
  • It has not been too long ago when we were all welcoming the first day of a new year. Now January 2019 is almost drawing to a close. And there is nothing like looking at baby albums to remind us how fast time flies and why we're getting more back pains — we're growing old!

    Looking at then-and-now photos of these celebrity kids, however, also gives us that warm fuzzy feeling only nostalgia can bring. It makes us want to hug our kids.

    Atasha and Andres Muhlach

    It was New Year's Day 2018 when Atasha and Andres, the twins of Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez, gave us an epic flashback in a fast food ad. The twins have been raised away from the spotlight, save for a few Jollibee ads. So when that 2018 ad came out, and we saw a 16-year-old Andres driving the family car and he and his sister ordering the food and singing "isa pa, isa pang, Chicken Joy" (a line all of our families have chanted at least once), well, it makes us want to hug our kids and say, "Don't grow up so fast!"

    Mavy and Cassy Legaspi

    They are officially adults now. Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi's twins Mavy and Cassy recently celebrated their 18th birthday on January 6, 2019, and marked it with a grand Oscars-themed debut on January 12. They've been a staple on the small screen via TV ads, but now, they're branching out in their own.

    Carmina and Cassy could pass up as sisters!

    Juliana Gomez

    Thanks to mom Lucy Torres-Gomez, we get to see this young lady's photos from her childhood on social media. Juliana also celebrated her 18th birthday in September 2018 by throwing a disco-themed debut.

    Leila Alcasid

    Leila was born in the Philippines but spent most of her growing up years in Australia with beauty-queen mom Michelle Van Eimeren and sister Sarah. After graduating two years ago, she decided to stay in the country to pursue a music career, taking after dad Ogie Alcasid.

    Julia and Claudia Barretto

    Their last name has long been a fixture in Philippine showbiz, and these two sisters show performing is in their genes. Julia Barretto is now one of the country's young, hot, talented actresses while younger sister Claudia is making her mark in the music scene.


    Their older sister Dani (check out her photo with mom Marjorie as a kid) has a substantial and avid following as a lifestyle and travel vlogger/influencer.

    Angelina Cruz

    The eldest daughter of Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano is turning 18 later this year. Angelina graduated from junior high school with honors. She's also currently promoting her self-titled album, which she worked on while acing her classes.

    Mom Sunshine posted her #HowHardDidAgingHitYou challenge photo and aced it. The mom-of-three also shared a snap a then-and-now photo of Angelina with her sisters Samantha, who's now a vlogger, and Franchesca!

    Callie Ahmee

    Dimples Romana has been collecting awards, medals, and trophies from Callie's grade school and high school days. Callie, or Amanda on her Instagram, wants to be a pilot.

    Erika and Jacob, Ina Raymundo's older kids

    Ina's eldest Erika, 16looks exactly like Ina when she was that age (although Ina doesn't seem she aged at all unlike the rest of us!). The mom of five did the #HowHardDidAgingHitYou challenge for her only son, Jacob, who's 14.


    KC Concepcion, Frankie and Miel Pangilinan

    Frankie celebrated her debut last December 2018. While her mom was The Megastar and dad is a senator, Frankie and Miel were seldom seen in front of the camera. KC, on the other hand, practically grew up with her parents Sharon and dad Gabby Conception's fans!

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