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  • How Motherhood has Transformed Tweetie de Leon-Gonzales

    Busy entrepreneur and fashion icon Tweetie shares how being a mom has transformed her priorities and outlook in life.

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    It’s easy to idealize a woman like Tweetie de Leon-Gonzales. For one, she has long proven that there’s more to her than a pretty face. Today, we know better and think past her modeling and fashion background, and applaud her creative endeavors with ICE, her line of jewelry. We congratulate her as well for lending her face and name to health advocacies and campaigns.


    It’s a little difficult to imagine Tweetie as a high-strung, fidgety woman, even after she talks about how she strives on stress and deadlines.

    “Perhaps it’s because of how she’s tempered down,” she muses. “I’ve mellowed a lot. Not just as a mother, but as a person. My focus has changed. My priorities, of course, just like any mother, have changed.

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    Before, I was more concerned with the macro view: where my career was concerned or where I was headed. Now I’m more into the micro view of things: ‘Who’s going to pick up my kids later?’ ‘How am I going to go home?’ ‘The gas is so mahal, I can’t make the car keep coming back.’ I have to make adjustments. These are what fill my days: how to make things run efficiently, given the circumstances of this day and age. My priorities have changed. I’ve streamed line my activities into what’s good for me as a person.”


    It’s not that everything is cool and calm in Tweetie.s life, it’s just that she has the kind of poise to ride out every unpredictable bump that comes with motherhood.

    “When I was younger, I had so many other interests. I had practices before, interests such as late nights out, that I liked doing as a single person,” says Tweetie. “I’ve streamlined my activities and all my other extracurricular endeavors into what’s good for me as a person.”


    Photography by At Maculangan

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