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  • How to Nurture a Child’s Talent in the Performing Arts

    Find out how you can nurture your child’s talent in acting early on.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • Does your child dream of becoming a future Tony Award winner? If you think your child loves the stage, then the pre-school years are actually a good time to start honing his or her acting talent. 

    Cecile Tamura, Vice President for Parents of the Philippine Association of the Gifted, says that the pre-school age is the stage of development where kids begin to apply what they have learned in their earlier years, with emotional development beginning to partner with their cognitive development. 

    Between 0 and 7 years old, a child’s imagination, sense of wonder, and knack for mimicry are at their peak. “Toddlers are natural actors; they have less inhibitions compared to adults,” said Tamura. “The child is becoming more and more curious. The character of the child and his interests will begin to emerge at this age. He inquires a lot and he starts developing passion for things”. 

    Irene Delarmente, Trumpets Playshop instructor, also finds the pre-school age a good time to encourage a child to discover the inner actor in him as she feels that this is the stage that children are at their most curious and imaginative. “Pre-schoolers are just bursting with so much enthusiasm and energy and they are oh-so eager to explore and absorb things. You just give them a little nudge and they can work wonders! You’ll be amazed at the things they can come up with creatively!” she says. 

    “I personally think that if you plant the ‘creative seed’ in them this early and continually nurture their interest, enthusiasm and passion as they grow up, chances are they would end up as artistic individuals,” continues Delarmente. “Children are basically ‘sponges’ and if you give them the proper guidance and encouragement, any lesson that you introduce to them at this age will potentially become habit-forming.” 



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