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  • Igniting Filipino Passion

    Collezione-C2 kicks off new era of fashionalism with brand ambassadors James and Phil Younghusband.

    Passion breeds excellence. When one is able to do something that he truly loves, it shows in the way this passion is realized. And this is certainly true of proudly-Filipino retail brand Collezione-C2’s brand ambassadors, James and Phil Younghusband.

     Part of the Philippine national football team (fondly called ‘Azkals’), the England-born English-Filipino James and Phil are striking embodiments of Filipino passion well-lived out—something that Collezione-C2 champions.


    “When the partnership with Collezione-C2 was suggested, we both had no qualms about representing the brand because we have something in common—a love for originality, creativity, Pinoy pride and living out one’s passion,” James relates. To this, Phil adds: “Like Collezione-C2, we also believe in Filipino artistry and the art of forward-thinking. These are things we both believe are relevant in this day and age for our country to stand out and make its mark in different areas of expertise.”


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