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  • Is the Internet Becoming More Popular than TV Among Kids?

    According to this study, kids watch an average of 5 hours of TV in a single day
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    The internet is very close to overtaking the television as a go-to source of entertainment for children, a recent study shows.

    A study by the Turner Broadcasting System, the company behind Cartoon Network, analyzed the habits and preferences of Filipino kids aged 4 to 14 who come from affluent families.

    Five hundred parent-child pairs were surveyed regarding their media consumption from December last year to this year January. Of these, 94% said they tuned in to watch television at least once and, with only 1% less, 93% said they went on the internet at least once in the span of the study.

    “TV is still number one, digital is close at number 2,” said David Webb, Director of Research and Planning at Turner International Asia Pacific.

    He added that “As tablet and mobile devices continue to proliferate homes, the way Filipino kids access entertainment and games continues to evolve.”

    This is backed up by the study, showing that 1 out of 2 kids already have their own mobile phones, with 91% of households having a smart phone.

    What do kids use the internet for?

    Top on the list is social networking with 86%, of which 92% of the kids have their own account. Second is for playing games online and third is for watching online videos. Watching TV shows and movies come in fourth, and using Skype (a video calling software) in fifth place.

    Apps most frequently used by the kids were Facebook and Youtube. For gaming, Clash of Clans is most popular among boys, and Candy Crush among girls. Some parents even admitted to downloading apps specifically for their kids.

    Asked if the increasing amount of children turning to the internet for entertainment is becoming a threat to television, Webb answered, “I don’t think it’s going to hit TV. It’s just going to increase media time.”

    Again, backed up by the study, kids are averaging 30 minutes of online video watching a day with TV shows and music videos being their most shared type of content.

    “Filipino kids are finding new ways to enjoy and share their favorite shows with others. Interestingly, these devices are used to complement the TV viewing experience,” said Webb.

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