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  • Isabelle Daza Honors Mom Gloria Diaz with Miss U 'Costume'

    The resemblance is uncanny.
    by Rachel Perez .
  • Isabelle Daza honors mom Gloria Diaz with Miss Universe "costume"


    At Tim Yap's 40th birthday, where he asked his guests to attend in Miss Universe-inspired costumes, Kapamilya actress and "It Girl" Isabelle Daza arrived as none other than her mom, Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz. You'll do a double-take because she looks exactly the same as the beauty queen when she was crowned as the very first Filipina Miss Universe. On Instagram, Isabelle wrote, "When your mom is iconic enough to be a costume. Thanks for the crown." Of course, she won Best in Costume that night and got to pose with her mom and Margie Moran, the second Filipina to win the crown in 1973. (pep.ph)

    Jaclyn Jose thanks Andi Eigenmann's boyfriend for being a "father image" to Ellie

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    "Thank you for being with my Belle when she needed a father image. I truly admire you in loving my child and my grandchild," the 2016 Cannes Best Actress wrote as caption for an Instagram photo of Emilio Arambulo, daughter Andi's boyfriend. In another Instagram post, Jaclyn explained that when Andi was asleep, Emilio took care of granddaughter Ellie at a party. "At that night you proved that you are capable of taking [care] of my Belle. There is so much observation, looking for a mistake, sa isip ko 1 pagkakamali mo lang... pero wala. You proved with no effort at all that you can indeed be there for Ellie when her mom is asleep. Thank you... kasi di naman ako makakapag thank you sa wala," she wrote. That last line seems to be meant for Ellie's biological dad Jake Ejercito, whose real name is also Emilio, but she clarified that she was only appreciating that "Emilio [Arambulo] was there, when Emilio [Ejercito] wasn't..."


    The posts seem to not bother Jake at all. Just two hours ago, he posted a photo of her dad Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada taking Ellie by the hand while walking. "Daddylo's lil girl," it was captioned. (pep.ph)

    Mariel Rodriguez bids postpartum depression goodbye


    The new mom has finally reunited with her husband actor Robin Padilla when she flew back in the country just two months after giving birth to their daughter Maria Isabella. Mariel took to Instagram to express her happiness to finally have her family complete, and posted a video of Robin with Maria Isabella by the balcony of their home. "We are home, home sweet home!!!" she wrote. "Bye bye postpartum depression... my family is complete," Mariel added. It can be recalled that Mariel had hoped Robin could join her in the U.S. in time for their first child's birth, but he was denied a visa even if he was granted a full pardon by President Rodrigo Duterte. (pep.ph)

    New Power Rangers trailer shows Morphine Time!

    The latest trailer for the upcoming Power Rangers movie shows the five teenagers meeting Zordon (Bryan Cranston) and receiving out-of-this-world powers to stop Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) and her minions, and save the world. "The answer to what is happening to you is here. You five are the Power Rangers," Zordon says with his face looming over the group. "The Power Rangers were a legion of warriors. You must become those warriors." Zordon acts as their guide to discovering their new capabilities and teaching and training them about the new world they have fallen into -- literally as that was how they discovered the alien ship in their neighborhood's caves. The trailer also offers a glimpse of how the five teenagers transform or get into their newly-designed costumes to get ready for battle. Power Rangers morphs into theaters March. (ew.com)

    There's a Lisa Frank movie on the way
    The movie currently in development is planned to be a live-action and animation movie combined. There is no title or plot yet, only that the movie will be based on the colorful world of Lisa Frank, who has been known for her signature rainbow and sparkly unicorns, ballerina bunnies, dolphins, and bear designs. "Lisa Frank’s world is cheerful, it’s optimistic, it’s hip, but it is without snark," producer John Shestack said. "It’s just sort of impossible to scowl when you’re smiling, and why would you want to? I’m so stoked to be part of this." The Lisa Frank brand boomed in 1979 and continues to be present on stickers, stationery, backpacks, trapper keepers, puzzles, coloring books and more. Recently, Lisa Frank designs have branched out into the fashion industry with clothes, footwear and accessories. (variety.com)

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