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  • Jackie Forster Stands Up to Haters of Her Birthday Message for Kobe

    Plus, Isabelle Daza and Sarah Lahbati are pregnant, Pauleen Luna glows in maternity photo shoot, and more!
    by Rachel Perez .
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  • Jackie Forster to Kobe: "Mama loves you so much. Don't let anybody ever tell you otherwise."

    They may be estranged, but the mom of five will never give up on her sons with former husband, Benjie Paras. Jackie posted on Instagram a birthday greeting for son Kobe (check out our story on him and brother Andre here). "Happy Birthday Kobe my love, mama loves you so much. Don't let anybody ever tell you otherwise," she wrote as a caption for an Instagram album of their old photos together. "Keep that with you wherever life leads. I'll always just be here, praying for you. May the Lord bless you with all that is good for your heart and soul," Jackie added.

    Her post garnered mixed reactions from netizens including one who told Jackie, "That's what you get for being a bad parent." The poster added: "Look at how you barely post any picture of Jared just because he's autistic and you adore your other kids. You're repeating the same mistake," one user wrote in the comments. 


    As you can see above, Jackie didn't take the comment sitting down. "First of all, Jared is not autistic. Second, he is 11 years old and has a life and priorities!" Jackie snapped. "I'm not going to make him come with his younger siblings just to be in a photo for me to prove to someone like you that I, his mother, love him," she added.  

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    While there were many haters, many also defended Jackie from the basher. "You don't need to explain yourself to anyone. Don't stress out. You are a good mom. Ignore the bashers. They've got issues, and I think they are sick in their head. Leave everything in God's wrath," a user commented.

    In a separate and earlier post, she wrote: "One day those bullies will get an awakening, maybe they will apologize for what they've done or maybe they'll continue to wash their hands but one thing for sure is you will be able to sleep well; you will have a clean conscience. One fine day the Lord will give you your day of reckoning and it will be a sweet day."

    Isabelle Daza is pregnant!


    Isabelle Daza and husband, Adrien Semblat, are expecting their first child, the actress announced on Instagram and spoke exclusively to Preview. "Three is a crowd," Isabelle wrote as a caption for a photo of three Stan Smith Addidas sneakers with the smallest pair containing an ultrasound. The two recently celebrated their first year of marriage last September 10, and now they're entering another chapter in their lives. 

    Isabelle opened up on Preview about her pregnancy and shared she's sleeping more and taking it easy. She said nausea and her cravings were the challenging part so far. "It's totally the opposite of what I normally like," she added. How does she feel about being a soon-to-be mom? "Scared of the responsibility! But at the same time, I'm so excited." Congratulations! (preview.ph)

    Sarah, Richard, and Zion will soon be a family of four!

    After teasing the big news on their Instagram accounts, Sarah and Richard finally announced on social media and on their family reality TV show, It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez, they're adding one more member to their family of three. "Zion is about to be a kuya! So excited for the future. Lord, thank you for protecting us," the soon-to-be mom of two wrote on her Instagram. She added she has been having back pains, breakouts, Hakaw dim sum cravings, cramps, mood swings, annoyance, and more. "The silver lining to this craziness is that there's a healthy baby growing inside of me who I'm very much excited to meet next year," Sarah said. 


    Richard shared the same photo and thanked and praised his fiance for staying strong and patient. "She's able to take care of me, Zion and our little one on the way. She's truly a super mom," he wrote on his Instagram. "To our family, friends, and supporters, thank you for the love. We are very excited for this new journey," Richard added. The couple officially announced their engagement in July. Congratulations! (cosmo.ph)

    LOOK: Pauleen Luna glows in maternity photo shoot


    Pregnancy seems to suit Pauleen who was glowing in her maternity photos. "Enjoying every bit of my pregnancy," the host-actress wrote on Instagram. The happy mama-to-be currently in her third trimester, and her smiles shows her excitement. She and and husband Vic Sotto are expecting a baby girl!


    The photos were taken by Nice Print Photography and styled by Gideon Hermosa. Mike Bawa did her makeup and her clothes and accessories by Style Diaries. 

    Robin Padilla's love letter to Mariel 

    Moms need to be appreciated more. Take it from the action star who posted a video of Mariel preparing Maria Isabella's food, and his caption was practically a love letter. "No words can express the unconditional love that every mother gives her child," Robin wrote. "She has maybe less than an hour for herself all her time awake, and sleeping is devoted to the welfare of Maria Isabella," he continued. "She really did the impossible coming home from the United States with a colicky underweight 2-month-old baby. She studied and struggled in making her daughter a healthy 16 pounds breastfed [and] organic vegetarian [at] 10 months old," Robin stressed. 

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