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  • Kids Are “Most Loveable” When They Hit Age 5, A Survey Says

    Five years old is an awesome kids' age for parents, according to a U.K survey
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    That’s just about right. At age five, a child is most likely already potty-trained and already eats on his own. At five, your kiddo can already articulate what he wants and how he feels. You also have a few more pockets of time in your hands because your child will start school at this age, and you can enlist his help by assigning him simple chores to help you out in the house. Not bad at all, right?

    The U.K survey asked 2,000 moms and dads to rank the most loveable age of their kids, as well as the most difficult time to be a parent. Forty percent of the parents surveyed said they most enjoyed caring and spending time with their kids when they reach five.

    Psychologist and registered guidance counselor (RGC) Michele S. Alignay says that the preschool stage is the best time to train kids and help them learn for life skills that would come in handy later in life. “Independence should be set [early on], as they will go to school and grow up encountering more difficult life tasks — and parents won’t always be there to do it for them!” she emphasizes. 

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    On the other hand, most of the parents surveyed identified that the worst parenting stage is when their child is 10 or 11 years old. Parenting during the tween years beats the newborn stage of waking up every three hours to nurse, change nappies, and helping their fragile bodies learn how to sit, stand and walk.

    This is the stage when kids tend to be more reserved as they’re finding their identity amidst society’s structure. Fran Walfish, a Beverly Hills-based child and family psychotherapist, tells Yahoo Parenting, “This is the peak of what’s called the latency phase, when kids’ emotions go underground, and they’re harder to reach. Ask a 12-year-old how his day at school was, and you just get ‘fine’ or ‘okay.’ To find out what’s going on, you have to chip away at his defenses.”

    Of course, every parent has his own preference. Some parents enjoy the newborn phase most as it’s the time when they feel they are most needed by their child. It’s also the stage where it’s simple: when a baby cries, he is most likely hungry, wet, or in need of comforting—babies are not that complicated yet. Other parents dread the terrible twos as it’s the phase when little ones are most defiant, testing their limits and a parent’s patience.


    A lot of factors contribute to the stage that parents love their kids the most. However, it doesn’t mean that moms and dads love their kids less at any other given time.



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