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  • Kris Aquino Defends Right To Post About Her Kids on Social Media

    The heated exchange between the Queen of All Media and veteran entertainment columnist Ricky Lo started when Kris called Lo's use of her son's name in his headline "foul and uncalled for."
    by Rachel Perez .
Kris Aquino Defends Right To Post About Her Kids on Social Media
PHOTO BY @krisaquino and @therealrickylo on Instagram
  • Yesterday, August 15, the Queen of All Media brazenly protested the use of her son's name in a headline allegedly painting the 10-year-old boy in a negative light. In a caption for an Instagram post, Kris called out Philstar.com entertainment columnist Ricky Lo for using Bimb's name in his Funfare column's headline, "Bimby no-show at MJ's party."

    "Like any parent, I am protesting: foul and uncalled for," she wrote. MJ is Bimb's half brother and James Yap's son with girlfriend Michela Cazzola, who had a grand first birthday party over the weekend. 

    The photo that accompanied Kris's post was a collage of screencaps of her and Michela's conversation via text and parts of Lo's column. It confirms that Bimb opted to visit MJ in private, a decision which Kris and Michela supported, and that Michela had asked Lo to clarify his story. 

    Kris went on to say that it was MJ's day, not Bimb's, and the headline stole the spotlight from the birthday celebrator. She also felt the article seems to be sowing intrigue between the two kids. "Nakakapikon kasi anak ko ang hineadline without trying to get our side of the story," the mom of two wrote. "Write something unverified and meant to put my son in a bad light and you unleash the tiger mom in me," Kris said, adding that it is her right as a mother to protect and defend her son. 


    Today, August 16, in the veteran columnist's Funfare column partly entitled "Rejoinder to the Bimby-MJ item," Lo recounted what happened during MJ's party and yesterday after his controversial column was published. He shared the messages that Mic had sent him regarding the issue. Mic, according to her message to Lo yesterday, had already informed the coordinator to cross out Bimb's name from the guest list as she and Kris had already agreed. "I don't want to create issues where everybody is okay already," she said in one of her messages.

    "Had Mic informed Doc Welson [another guest at the party] and me about her and Kris’ 'secret agreement,' yesterday’s story would have been different," Lo wrote. He continued with a word for celebrity parents: "Before Kris and other soc-med savvy moms scold people and remind them to please spare the innocents, they should be the first to spare their children by keeping them away from the social media. Otherwise, they themselves are (maybe unwittingly) putting their children in, well, harm’s way."

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    Just a few hours after being published, Kris screen capped the above-quoted lines from Lo's column and posted it on Instagram with the caption. "@therealrickylo won't man up and admit his Monday @philstarnews headline had no factual basis." The celebrity mom added that parents can't be blamed for sharing their kids' photos and milestones with their circle of friends.

    "Harm only comes our children's way when there are exploitative, unverified headlines," Kris wrote. She said she thinks "very carefully about the proper amount of exposure" she should share about her family life, especially now that Bimb is in the "crucial years in his intellectual, emotional and psychological development," and that he can have access to stories posted about their family online.

    Kris went on to say that James and Bimb don't keep in touch, but she and Michela have been in constant communication. Kris and Michela "have tried our best to keep this fact private for the sake of our two boys," she wrote, adding that James knew about Bimb's decision not to attend and just visit MJ privately. "I don't need to say more because my sons know how much their mom loves them and for me, that's my priority," Kris said. 

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