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  • Kylie's Breastfeeding Photo Is Proof We Need More Nursing Stations

    Kylie's breastfeeding photo and the comments it received make it clear Filipinos need to #NormalizeBreastfeeding.
    by Rachel Perez .
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  • One of the conveniences of breastfeeding is you can feed your child whenever he gets hungry — and you don't need to bring bottles and formula milk. It should also follow that moms can feed their child anywhere, but breastfeeding moms know finding a private place to do so can be difficult in our country. 

    Kylie Padilla illustrated it today when she shared on Instagram a photo of her nursing her 1-year-old son Alas Joaquin in a public restroom.

    "No plans on stopping anytime soon," the 25-year-old actress wrote as a caption with the hashtag #breastfeedingmama. She first posted it on Instagram Stories with the statement, "When he wants it, he gets it," referring to nursing her son on when needed. 

    A lot of her followers reacted positively to her post, lauding the celebrity mom for still choosing to continue to breastfeed her son for more than a year now. Fellow nursing mamas also empathized with Kylie's situation of having to nurse her baby in a bathroom. They know all too well that many public places in the country still lack adequate breastfeeding-friendly stations. 

    "Salute to you, momma! It's just frustrating that establishments in the Philippines [don't] have proper, well-maintained breastfeeding areas!"
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @kylienicolepadilla/Instagram
    "I'm proud of you [Kylie] and to all the breastfeeding mommas all over the world. Wish there are cubicles for breastfeeding moms in public places so that they won't have a hard time finding a place to nurse/breastfeed their babies."
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @kylienicolepadilla/Instagram
    "I feel you... They need to start putting a family lounge or family room... where you can breastfeed your baby."
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @kylienicolepadilla/Instagram
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    There were a few disapproving comments because of the photo itself and the fact that Alas can already walk. Many of her followers, though, have shot down those comments, saying breastfeeding is and should be normal.

    "Breastfeeding is normal, and she can breastfeed whenever and wherever she wants. Di niya madidiktahan ang bata lalo na kapag gutom."
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @kylienicolepadilla/Instagram
    "If people normalized breastfeeding then no mom would breastfeed her child in the bathroom."
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @kylienicolepadilla/Instagram

    Other people gave their unsolicited advice that Kylie shouldn't nurse her child in the bathroom because it's unhygienic. The well-meaning fans suggested she go to a breastfeeding station or use a cover instead. One person even suggested she should just pump or express her breast milk and give to Alas via a bottle. 

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    SmartParenting.com.ph reached out to Kylie's management for a statement. "Kylie was looking for a breastfeeding station, but Alas was hungry and couldn't wait any longer," a spokesperson replied via Facebook Messenger. He also pointed out that the actress was in a well-maintained bathroom for persons with disability (PWD). 

    Her management also added there was a breastfeeding station in the mall, but Kylie said it was too far from where she and Alas were at the time he needed to feed. Kylie's rep added that the mom-and-son duo was in and out of the bathroom stall for approximately 10 minutes, a quick feed to help put Alas to sleep.  

    As for those who reacted negatively to her photo, Kylie's spokesperson said Kylie was "letting them be." Anyone who knows Kylie, he added, know that Kylie always keeps Alas' needs first.

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