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Kylie Padilla Says Her Truth: ‘I Never Had Any Extramarital Relationships’

She says she was "suffering in silence" when her marriage with Aljur Abrenica ended in February.
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Kylie Padilla is sharing her truth after estranged husband Aljur Abrenica accused her of cheating and wrecking their marriage.

In an episode of Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho aired on October 24, 2021, the mom of two answered the allegations made by Aljur. The mom of two is choosing to speak up because “it’s unfair if I don’t have a say, because I was part of the marriage.”

On October 19, Aljur posted on his official Facebook page an appeal for Kylie to “please tell them the truth.” He added, “Tell them who cheated first. Tell them who wrecked our family.” The lengthy post has since been deleted from the page.

In response, Kylie says that she chooses to keep quiet about the details because she still respects Aljur as the father of her kids. “He knows what he did wrong, I know what I did wrong,” she tells Jessica Soho.

However, she firmly says, “In my defense, while we were formally married, I never had any extramarital relationships with other men. That is my truth.”

Opening up about the separation

In the interview, Kylie admitted that their problems started in February, around the time she started posting cryptic posts on her social media accounts. She admits that “she was suffering in silence,” and didn’t know how to handle what she was going through.

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“I’m sorry, I learned from that mistake,” she adds. “If we do want to blame each other maybe we can do it in the right place, not in social media.”

But the mom feels it was unfair that the public is accusing her of something that she did not do. “I know my truth — I know what I went through, I know what he went through,” she shares.

“Ang alam ko lang, parehas kaming hindi masaya,” she says.

She admits feeling hurt when Aljur said that he wrecked their family. “Hindi ko inexpect ‘yun because we had an agreement — ‘sabay tayong magpapa-interview para at least, after nito, kahit maghihiwalay tayo, we’re still a united front,” the mom shares.

“Inisip pa rin namin na family kami,” Kylie adds.

On the claim that she cheated, Kylie reiterates that she is too busy taking care of her two sons, Alas, 4 and Axl, 9 months. “Paano ako magkakaroon ng oras, I was breastfeeding my second? Paano ako aalis? Kung gusto ninyo ng ebidensiya, tanungin niyo mga yaya ko.”

Kylie also says that she feels angry because the public does not know what’s going on behind the scenes. “I’m raising my children — they don’t see that. But you have to be strong in our society. Kung hahayaan kong maapektuhan ako sa mga sinasabi nila, hindi ko mapapalaki ang mga anak ko na sane ako.”

The mom adds that what keeps her going is her two sons. “Humuhugot talaga ako sa kanila. Kailangan makita nila na ‘kaya ng mom ko, kaya ko rin.’”

When asked about Aljur’s alleged cheating, Kylie just acknowledged that “there are three women that came out.”

Kylie says, “It shows you a lot why I chose to end it. I want to grow as a person and I want to be a better mother. The circumstances sa marriage namin — parang hindi ko magagawa ‘yun.

“Yung sinabi niyang I wrecked the family, it’s because I decided 'ayoko na.' And I want to be happy. I want him to be happy — kaming dalawa ‘yung iniisip ko.”

She adds, “If you ask him now, he agrees. Ok ‘yung mga nangyari kasi happy na siya. Happy na ako.”

Still, the mom says that deciding to end their marriage was hard for her. “I believed in making it work.

“But… for the longest time I felt alone in our marriage. ‘Yung cheating was just the last straw — ang daming nangyari. Which is why I can’t say… because I’m trying to protect what I can.

“Mahirap sa’kin but I said ok, that’s enough,” Kylie shares.

On Aljur dating again

Kylie says that she understands the circumstances that led to actress AJ Raval sharing Aljur’s post on her social media account. Aljur is rumored to be courting the actress.

“I’ve been on that side and I know how scary and confusing and sobrang nakakasira siya ng mental health,” Kylie acknowledges.

“But I wish na iningatan na lang nila. They can’t blame me for that, too, because we had an agreement na we both could see each other people. I wish you guys were more careful,” she adds.

Kylie shares that her dad Robin Padilla chose to speak up about their separation because he cares for his daughter and saw that she was hurting.

“Naramdaman ni Aljur na kailangan niyang sabihin ‘yung side niya. And he’s entitled pero it boils down paano natin i-ha-handle ‘yung sitwasyon.

“Nung pinasok nila ang sitwasyon na ‘yun, alam naman nila ang sasabihin ng mga tao. Kasi on paper, we’re still married even though we’re separated.”

On respecting her relationship with Aljur

Though she did the interview to set the rumors straight, Kylie shares she still values her friendship with Aljur. “We have kids, we need to co-parent and ayaw kong maranasan nila na toxic ‘yung parents nila kahit hiwalay na.”

She adds, “Ayaw kong tuluyan na sirain ko siya o magbatuhan kami. Hindi ‘yun ‘yung gusto kong mangyari.

“I still want him to be happy. Sana talaga we move forward from this and we both end up happy.”

Kylie alludes that since she also came from a broken family, she does not want her kids to feel the pain that she went through. “Pinagdaanan ko na ‘yun when I was younger, alam ko ‘yung pakiramdam. Gusto kong protektahan ang mga anak ko sa ganung setup.”

When asked if she regrets choosing Aljur and leaving show business at the peak of her career to have a baby, Kylie says there are no regrets. “Wala kasi si Alas ‘yung nasa tiyan ko nun. I wanted to be a mom,” she shares.

She adds that despite everything that happened, she and Aljur loved each other and had a good relationship, especially when she was pregnant with her firstborn. “Nung time na ‘yun, inalagaan niya talaga ako. Naappreciate ko siya, as a husband and as a person,” she says.

Kylie hopes that she and Aljur can move past their issues and that they can be friends in the future. “Huwag nating kalimutan na we are parents of our children,” she says.

Kylie's interview with Jessica happened on October 21, two days after Aljur's post broke the Internet. In a press conference for his movie Manipula held two days later, on October 23, the dad shared that he regrets uploading the message. He shares that it was “out of impulse” but felt “kailangan na kasi.”

Despite what happened, Aljur maintains that Kylie “was the love of my life. Talagang minahal ko ang babaeng iyon.” He also said that he wanted the issue to end for the sake of his two kids. “Pamilya ko pa rin sila. May pagkakamali din ako,” Aljur shares.

News of Kylie and Aljur’s separation was confirmed in July 2021 after Kylie’s dad, Robin Padilla, revealed in an interview with Ogie Diaz that his daughter had parted ways with her husband, alleging that a third-party was involved. In a statement sent to GMA News, Kylie shared that their family have gone through the “process of recovering, healing, and moving on.”

This article was updated on October 25, 2021 at 11:34 a.m.

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