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  • Overdue Baby Served Hilarious "Eviction Notice" by Its Lawyer Dad

    Was his eviction notice effective? Did his baby cooperate? Read on and find out
  • Late for His Wife's Due Date, Lawyer Dad Serves a Hilarious Eviction Notice to His Overdue Baby

    What do you do when your pregnant wife is days late for her delivery date and the baby still won’t come out? A lot of things; worry for one. You’d be surprised to know, however, that writing an eviction notice should be another as well. Why? Because it worked for Jake Kempton, a lawyer who’s now also a dad to little Pepper Dee.

    Here’s a copy of the eviction notice. We especially like the “surrender the described premises: Ellisa Danelle Kempton's tummy” bit.

    Jake Kempton's eviction notice for Pepper Dee Photo from Abovethelaw.com by Jake Kempton


    Kempton is a health care, business and real estate lawyer. Back track to August, his wife, Ellisha Kempton was still pregnant and eight days overdue. He got the idea to make the eviction notice when he was at church and a few people came up to him saying something along the lines of “She still hasn’t had the baby?! She needs to evict her!,” he told Above the Law.

    “Never one to shy away from an opportunity at attempted humor, I decided before I had left church that day that I would draft up an official eviction notice the next day,” he told Huffington Post.

    On August 31, three hours after sending the the Notice to Quit Premises document to his unborn child, his wife gave birth and Pepper Dee finally left the premises.

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    Jake Kempton's eviction notice for Pepper Dee Photo from Abovethelaw.com by Jake Kempton


    Though we don’t doubt the effectiveness of Kempton’s eviction notice, it’s also important to note, however, that Kempton’s wife was already scheduled to have her water broken by her doctor on the morning of the 31st of August.

    Still, “we all know that it was really the threat of an unlawful detainer action that got things moving,” Kempton told Babble.

    But seriously now, here’s what one should do if your pregnancy is overdue. Smart Parenting contributor Dr. Natasha Balbas advises that you should:

    1. Have your healthcare practitioner recalculate the due date.
    “Many will use uterus height, the time of your first fetal movement, time of the first fetal heart sounds, and other events to reassess a due date and correct it, if necessary.”

    2. Check if the baby's OK.
    “Once it’s been confirmed that you are truly post-term, testing the condition of the fetus is next.” Consult with your doctor for any tests he/she might want you to undergo.

    Based on these test results, your prior health history, and history of your pregnancy, your doctor may either decide to do a “wait-and-see” approach, or induce labor as soon as possible.”

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