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  • LJ Reyes Gets Sentimental, Tells Son Aki: 'I Know You Will be a Good Kuya'

    Before she welcomes another baby soon, LJ wants to make sure that her panganay feels appreciated.
    by Rachel Perez .
LJ Reyes Gets Sentimental, Tells Son Aki: 'I Know You Will be a Good Kuya'
PHOTO BY @lj_reyes/Instagram
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  • Actress LJ Reyes is due to give birth to her second child in January 2019, eight and a half years after she welcomed son Aki and held him in her arms for the first time. With a new baby arriving soon, the 30-year-old entrepreneur is understandably feeling a little bit sentimental. 

    "Miss na miss na kita!" LJ captioned a throwback photo of her kissing an infant Aki. "I’m so happy that in [a] few months, we will be holding another baby that we will both love so dearly!" she added. 

    "I know you will be a good Ahya (kuya). Sobrang proud ako sa 'yo for taking care of mommy and the baby most especially when Tito Pao is not around!" LJ revealed. "You always talk to my tummy, and I’m sure baby loves hearing your voice!" she said. 

    LJ went on to share that she misses her son's "amoy baby" smell, and that she will never get tired of kissing Aki. She hopes he won't get tired of his mom's affection anytime soon. 

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    In late August, LJ and long-time partner Paolo Contis confirmed that they are indeed expecting their first child together. Paolo is also a dad to two daughters with ex-wife Lian Paz, who is based in Cebu.

    Paolo made the pregnancy announcement on his Instagram account by posting an ultrasound scan of their unborn baby. LJ made hers with the help of Aki, her son with ex-boyfriend Paulo Avelino.

    LJ's announcement was her very first personal vlog on her Youtube channel, which documented how she broke the news to her son. While Aki didn't believe it at first, his happiness about having a sibling was evident later in the video. 

    Even before the secret was out of the bag, LJ has been posting a number of photos on Instagram that capture their bond as mother and son, alluding to the changing, probably challenging, but also exciting, times ahead. 

    "I hope we made it memorable and fun for you!" LJ wrote in the caption referring to Aki's 2018 summer vacation. "New days are coming, and Mommy will always be here for you! Our adventure will not stop here my love!" Mommy will see to it that we’ll have lots of fun memories together!" LJ promised. 

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    The single mom wrote as a caption for another post on Instagram: "I know in life we will be looking at the same things but see them differently. But always know that what’s important is that we face them together." She continued, "Yes, you can always cling on to Mommy like that, and lean on me like this... always and forever!"

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    The self-confessed "clingy" mom has been doing a bit of reminiscing these days. She is no doubt proud of how her sweet Aki has turned out. 


    "What I really appreciate most is that Aki wants me to be happy!"LJ shared in her post about Aki's gift for her on Mother's Day back in May 2018. "Sa totoo lang, at his very young age, he has been so protective of me and he never forgets to ask me whether I’m happy," she added, and quipped that she doesn't know how she would let go when he becomes a teen.

    "This clingy mommy can’t seem to let this little boy out of her sight! He had nothing to do today, so I asked him if he would like to accompany mommy! And he said 'Of course Mommy! Wherever you go!'" Aww. 


    LJ shared that she lost a lot of Aki's baby photos when someone broke into her car and stole her things. When she told her son about it, he consoled her by promising to take a lot of photos with her. "It’s a small gesture but very important to me! I cherish every moment I spend with Aki. And I will always keep in my heart photos like this! His silliness, sweetness and the symbol of his promise!" LJ wrote in the caption. 

    "How much do I love you, Mommy, do you know?" Aki said to his mom. "I love you up to the heavens," he said. "My heart melted, and I said... 'Then I love you to the heaven and back!" 


    "Mommy's blessed whenever you get oh so clingy to me!" LJ wrote. "I remember when you were much smaller, and you would cuddle up on my chest and fall asleep, and I willingly surrender to that moment," she said. "I find it so adorable that you still try to squeeze into my chest just like how you used to so you could fall into sweet slumber," LJ shared. 

    "Sorry pero tiisin mo na muna yung mga next few years na pwede pa kitang panggigilan, halik-halikan at yakap-yakapin ng hindi mo ako ikakahiya o pipigilan!" the celeb mom wrote. "Wag ka muna makukulitan kay mommy kung lagi akong clingy sayo ha? Mahal na mahal kita!!" LJ added. 

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    "You’re my life. You know that right buddy?" she wrote. Awww.

    "Chubby chubby cheeks!!! I missy missy!!!" the soon-to-be mom of two wrote. "Bakit ngayon parang binata ka na? Bakit??? Wala na yung chubby chubby cheeks na to!!! Mga mommies, please explain!!!" LJ quipped. 

    "Being a mom to you has its ups and downs, but this face! This smile! I am so blessed that you are the jolliest, the craziest, the most-energetic, ang pinaka-sweet at pinakamalambing na little boy!" she wrote. 


    "Seriously, where did time go???" LJ asked. "Parents, greatest gift you can give your kids is time!" she said. 

    The photo was taken "noong mga panahong kaya kitang bitbitin gamit ang isang braso, yakapin ka ng mahigpit pero may matinding pagiingat, papakin ka ng halik dahil wala lang," LJ wrote. "Gusto ko lang iparamdam sayo na mahal na mahal kita!," she added. 


    It's not unusual for moms to feel sentimental about their relationship with their firstborn when they are about to become moms again. A mother's heart only grows bigger to accommodate more love for her children. The love LJ has for Aki, and the bond that they share will forever be with them.

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