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  • Juday, Ryan, Marian, and Dingdong Look Fabulous at Wedding in Italy

    Plus, new report says more men are now doing the groceries, ube roll cake debuts on American TV series, and more!
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
  • In photos: It's an Italian (wedding) weekend for Marian, Dingdong, Juday, and Ryan
    Celebrity couples Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo and Marian and Dingdong Dantes (with adorable baby Zia) spent a lovely weekend in Italy to attend the wedding of their friend, fashion stylist and editor-in-chief of L'Officiel Manila Pam Quinones, to boyfriend Chris Allison. Based on the Instagram posts, the wedding celebration was held at the Masseria Potenti boutique hotel in Puglia, Italy. Check out their lovely photos below.

    More Pinoy men now do the groceries, says Nielsen report
    Doing the groceries is no longer a task limited to women alone, a new report by Nielsen Shopper Trends reveals. Latest data shows a substantial 40% of shoppers are males residing in Metro Manila. It also noted that half of them are married, and almost 70% of them are employed. “In typical dual-income households, perceived gender-assigned roles blur. Living fast-paced lifestyles, members of the household have to squeeze in important tasks such as grocery shopping and it no longer matters who does it. What matters is who has the time to do it and more often than not, males have more flexible schedules,” says Carlo Santos, Nielsen’s Consumer Insights head in the Philippines. There are two glaring differences, however, in the way men and women shop: 1) Men prefer retail shops they are familiar with while women pick the shop with the most affordable prices, and 2) Men shop at a quicker pace than women do. (  


    WATCH: Robin Padilla's playtime with baby Isabella

    He may play action hero roles in the movies, but back home, Robin Padilla's 5-month-old daughter Isabella has got him wrapped around her fingers. In an Instagram video posted by Robin's wife Mariel, he is seen playing with Isabella in the swimming pool. "Such a cute sight to see on a saturday morning. clearly Robin is the more adventurous one haha i wouldn't have thought of this. Isabella is such a daddy's girl...," she captioned it. In another photo, Mariel is shown joining in on the fun. (

    Ube cake, a Pinoy favorite, makes debut on American TV series

    via GIPHY

    Ube (purple yam) is a staple dessert whenever Pinoys come together, be it Christmas (halaya!), birthdays, or even as pasalubong (ube jam, yes?). Now, even non-Pinoys might recognize it after it got featured in the American animated TV series Steven Universe, which currently airs in the Philippines on Cartoon Network. In the Season 4 finale of the show, the character of Lars Barriga, Steven's high school best friend, brings an ube roll cake, which he made because "it represents him", to a potluck.


    The reference has got some netizens abuzz, with some saying they suddenly craved for an ube cake after watching the episode. Currently, at least three of the voice characters in the show are of Filipino descent. (       

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