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  • LOOK: Sarah Lahbati, Richard Gutierrez, and Zion Visit Europe!

    Plus, Andi Eigenmann proud of daughter Ellie's surfing skills, Kylie Padilla talks pregnancy and motherhood, and more!
  • In photos: Sarah Lahbati, Richard Gutierrez, and Zion visit Europe!

    They're probably one of the most-traveled celebrity families who share stunning photos on Instagram. Sarah Lahbati, partner Richard Gutierrez, and their adorable son Zion have been vacationing in Switzerland to spend time with Sarah's family and friends. "Time to show him @officialzionguts the city where he was born," Sarah wrote in one of her Instagram posts. "Showing Zion his roots on the colder side of the planet," Richard wrote on his his.

    The family of three went to the highest ski resort in Europe, also located in Switzerland, and visited France to see the Eiffel Tower. Zion's grandparents, Annabelle Rama, Eddie Guttierez, and Sarah's parents also joined them in their travels. You can see on Zion's face that he was having a blast. (

    LOOK: Andi Eigenmann proud of daughter Ellie's surfing skills!

    Summer really suits the mom-and-daughter duo. Recently, Andi posted a photo of Ellie successfully riding the wave when they visited Baler in Aurora, Quezon, one of the best surfing spots in the country, for Ellie's surfing lessons. "And for the best part, here is my very own Lilo getting up the board on her second try! Sa uulitin, @surfskwela," she wrote as caption for the photo on Instagram. Surfing is one of Andi's hobbies aside from skateboarding, which Ellie already does well. Like mother, like daughter! 


    Amidst the controversy surrounding the joint custody petition of Ellie's dad Jake Ejercito, Andi and Ellie don't seem to be bothered and just go about their summer days as usual. Andi has since disputed the allegations that she's spending too much time traveling with her new boyfriend that she always leaves Ellie behind. The single mom took to social media to show that Ellie is with her in many of her travels.

    Kylie Padilla talks pregnancy and motherhood in online Q&A
    The mom-to-be says that summer for her would mean doing a lot of sleeping because of her pregnancy. "I've never been happier. This pregnancy has really kept me grounded and has opened my mind to a lot of things. Hopefully, I'm becoming a more well-rounded human being because of this pregnancy," Kylie said during a question-and-answer video with her fans on YouTube. She also said she likes her body now even if she's rounder and also finally confirmed that she and fiance Aljur Abrenica are having a baby boy soon.


    When a fan asked if she's ready to be a mom, Kylie said that if she were to answer that question five months ago, she would have said no. "Now, I could say that it's really about equipping yourself with as much understanding as you can when it comes to taking care of a child," Kylie said. "I think the main thing is to take it day by day and always be mindful... Embrace the fact that you're also a growing human. Even though you are an adult and have a kid to teach, you're also learning. I want to keep my mind as open as possible. Things will change, even parenting styles change. You can't really be just ready for something. That's all it takes—keep an open mind about learning," she explains. (

    Marian Rivera's Flora Vida flower shop is on soft opening today!


    The Kapuso Primetime Queen's flower arrangement business is officially taking flight today -- and we also finally get to know more about it. "Flora Vida by Marian is an online flower shop specializing in preserved flower arrangements. I personally prepared and designed all flower arrangements," Marian wrote on Instagram, adding that she uses real 100-percent preserved flowers, not plastic ones, that can last for up to two years if cared for properly. For those who are planning to order, visit @floravidabymarian on Instagram (since the website is not ready yet). The business was a gift from husband Dingdong Dantes, after recognizing her passion for arranging flowers. Marian also took flower arrangement lessons when they visited Japan recently. Flora Vida by Marian will be accepting orders from today until April 28 and will resume on May 17. You may also send your order via email to (

    Animated Carmen Sandiego coming to Netflix 


    Online video streaming giant Netflix just announced that an animated show about the iconic globe-trotting thief Carmen Sandiego is in the works and will air in 2019. Gina Rodriguez (Jane The Virgin) has already been tapped to voice the titular villain, while Finn Wolfhard (Mike on Stranger Things) will voice Player, Carmen's chief accomplice, and friend. The red fedora-wearing lady is ready to face a new crop of international capers packed with thrilling adventure and intrigue -- and probably a lot of geography and history lessons on the side. Based on the popular computer game Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego in the '80s, it has already spawned two live-action PBS game shows and an animated series on Fox. The 20- to 22-minute-long episodes of the animated series, according to Netflix, will also give a glimpse of Carmen's past and why she became a thief. (

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