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  • Make Your Child a Success Story with Kumon

    Learning takes your child a step closer to a successful future.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • As parents, we don't easily settle for just anything for our kids. In nutrition, education, and everything else, we veer away from what is "pwede na". For the little angels who are the center of our lives, mediocrity is not the name of the game.

    The same was true for Mr. Toru Kumon, discovered that his son’s score in a math exam was quite low. Seeing that, he devised a way for his son, Takeshi, to be able to learn, understand, and master topics and eventually improve his math skills. Little did he know that this method would pave the way for him to be able to learn Integrated Calculus while he was still in the 6th grade. This was the first success story of Kumon, a home-based learning program designed to help children maximize their potential in their academics and even beyond. 

    The Kumon Method of Learning started more than 50 years ago with the aim of nurturing each child’s potential by letting them study advance high school (and even university) topics with ease. Unlike tutorials or other learning methods available today, Kumon does not only improve a student’s academic performance, but also develops his character.


    A success story in Kumon begins with a child who starts at an easy level in the Math or Reading Program, and then progresses to advanced levels regardless of his age and grade level in school. The materials and topics are mastered before he can move on to the next topic. The child is not spoon-fed with the answers and information that he needs; rather, he is encouraged to study topics by following examples in the worksheets and by taking note of hints through the assistance of Kumon Instructors. This gives him a chance to discover the solution and the answers on his own. Unlike in a classroom set-up where a group of children progress all at the same time, Kumon understands that each child has a different level and rate of progress from one another. Individualized instruction is crucial in helping a child pursue what he can further achieve.

    Eventually, students in Kumon improve in their academic performance in school and even win competitions locally or internationally. Furthermore, many parents and guardians have seen major changes in their child’s study habits, character, and even self-esteem. Kumon empowers children to become more confident, disciplined, independent, and leads them to develop time management skills, and the initiative to study by themselves without much assistance from other people. Kumon is not just about getting higher grades or helping the child cope in school; it is about preparing the child for a successful life and encouraging him to dream bigger dreams.  

    With thousands of success stories in 48 countries and regions in the world, Kumon has proven its credibility to millions of parents and students with its time-proven method of learning.

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    Do you want to make your child a success story? Enroll your child at your nearest Kumon Center now! Tuition fee starts at only P1, 800.00 per month per subject. You may also call (02) 885-0226 or visit our website at http://ph.kumonglobal.com for more details about Kumon and how it can help and guide your child be his own success story. 

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