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  • Meet the Earthlings, Aliens of “Mars Needs Moms”

    Here’s a summary of the different characters in the animated film “Mars Needs Moms", whch features the voices of famous actors like Seth Green, Joan Cusack and Dan Fogler. Opens in cinemas on March 16.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • Producer Robert Zemeckis credits the cast Disney Animation Studios’ “Mars Needs Moms” for infusing so much humor into the film. “The situations are funny and the scenes are hilarious—the whole absurd reality of the movie just lends itself to fantastic humor. But our cast in this movie is probably one of the best improv casts that has been put together in recent years. They can take a scene and add to it in a wonderful way.”

    Milo (Seth Green) is 9. He has comic books to read, zombie movies to watch and bed-jumping to do. He doesn’t have time to eat his vegetables and do chores, no matter what his mom says. Mom is sick of nagging, and Milo’s sick of Mom. But when he suggests that he’d be better off without her, things get a little hairy. His efforts to apologize are interrupted when Martians—yes Martians—arrive, steal his mom, return to their spaceship and rocket to Mars—with a 9-year-old stowaway who’s determined to rescue the mother he’d wished away just moments before. To Milo, the whole thing would be downright hilarious if he weren’t headed to another planet.

    Mom (Joan Cusack) loves Milo more than anything, she just wishes he’d do as he’s told—like eating his vegetables…and not feeding them to the cat (who in turn yaks all over her floor). She only wants what’s best for Milo—and let’s face it, broccoli is very good for growing boys. Her good intentions and loving ways may not please Milo, but they certainly impress the Martian scouts who are looking for a good mom.

    Gribble (Dan Fogler) is a 30-something who has been on Mars since his own mom was “needed” by Martians many years prior. When Milo reaches the planet and is taken prisoner, Gribble rescues him, guiding him through a series of secret chutes to the elaborate lair on Mars’ lower level that Gribble calls home. Tricked out with various electronic and spy devices, Gribble’s digs allow him to tap into the planet’s communication systems and spy on what is going on in the hub of all activity, the Citadel. Gribble—who still uses the ’80s lingo from his childhood—is understandably bummed when he realizes that Milo, his first human friend in ages, plans to save his mom and return to Earth. But Gribble agrees to help Milo—even if deep down, he’d love it if Milo could hang out with him forever.



    Click here to learn more about the alien cast of "Mars Needs Moms."

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