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  • These 'It Girls' Are Now Moms: Meet Their Little Cuties!

    Let's look back at how they gracefully did pregnancy and birth.
    by Rachel Perez .
These 'It Girls' Are Now Moms: Meet Their Little Cuties!
PHOTO BY @beasorianodee, @ilovegeorgina, @lizzzuy, isabelledaza via Instagram
  • From covering teeny-bopper glossies and walking candy-colored runways, the "It Girls" have definitely blossomed into successful adults, both in their careers and their personal lives. In fact, four out of the six are now moms. Model Bea Soriano-Dee was first to be a parent and has two kids now. Georgina Wilson-Burnard soon followed. Fashion stylist Liz Uy recently revealed that she is now also a mother, while Isabelle Daza-Semblat had just given birth.

    These women have since gracefully handled motherhood in style. Becoming a parent changes a person, and yet Bea, Georgina, Liz, and Isabelle have remained true to their It Girl status, as do their young ones in their picture-perfect snaps while they travel the world. Let’s look back at these lovely women's road to mom-hood and meet their little cuties.

    Billie, 6 months, and Braeden, age 3
    Bea Soriano Dee's kids
    The 31-year-old model has kept a low-key profile since getting married to her husband Eric Dee, Jr., a businessman, and after welcoming their first child together in 2015. Still, however, she made sure to be there for her squad sisters’ most treasured moments such as weddings, baby showers, and the like.


    During her first pregnancy, Bea didn't do any big pregnancy announcements, but quietly clued in her followers by posting photos that feature her and her growing baby bump. When D-day came, she simply posted a photo of her son, Braeden.

    Fast-forward to this year, Bea is now a mom of two. The model kept with the same protocol of sharing about her second pregnancy, but in between breastfeeding, parenting, and family vacay photos. Bea and Eric welcomed their daughter Billie in September last year.

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    Archie Burnard, age 1
    Georgina Wilson's son
    She is one of the leads of E! Asia's show It Girls, so it was only fitting that Georgina aired the big pregnancy reveal on cable TV. She shared in a one-on-one interview with close friend Raymond Gutierrez that it was an unexpected surprise. Apart from the interview, she also posted a proper baby bump reveal photo on Instagram.

    Of course, Georgina also wore her baby bump in style with different OOTDs that hugged her baby bump nicely especially when she was nearly due to give birth. Perhaps the most remembered pregnant photo of this It Girl would be when she posed nude for a glossy magazine. She may be the first Pinoy celebrity to have done so.


    In December 2017, Georgina and husband Arthur Burnard threw a sailor-themed first birthday party for their son Archie. They've been bringing their blue-eyed cutie with them to see the world.

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    Xavi, less than a year old
    Liz Uy's son
    Among the It Girls. Liz's path to motherhood is the most unique. She didn’t have any pregnancy announcements or OOTDs. When Liz wasn't able to attend friend Anne Curtis's wedding in New Zealand last year, rumors surfaced that she was pregnant and was waiting to give birth in the U.S.

    Just three weeks ago, Liz surprised everyone, even her friends, when she shared on Instagram the very first photo of Xavi. Even as she exclusively confirmed to Preview that the boy is indeed her son, Liz provided no other details, not the little boy's birthday, nor the identity of his father.

    She did, however, open up about her evolving style as a new mom. She shared that since becoming a momma, wrap dresses have been added to her wardrobe, and that she loves backpacks and sling bags because these allow her to hold Xavi in her arms.

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    Isabelle Daza's five-day-old son
    The actress announced her pregnancy by posting a photo of three pairs of Adidas sneakers, one for herself, another for husband Adrien Semblat, and a tiny one for their baby. Belle and Adrien had decided then that they'd wait for their baby to be born to find out its gender.

    Throughout the pregnancy, Isabelle remained very active and made sure she enjoyed every minute of  it. Case in point: she couldn't be bothered by online critics, who made a big deal out of her infamous video clip where she was caught jumping up and down at Anne and Erwan's wedding reception. She also did a nude pregnancy cover for the same glossy magazine as Georgina did.

    Isabelle just gave birth just five days ago via emergency C-section and is yet to announce the name they have chosen for their son. For now, they're busy taking sunshine walks with their little one. 

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