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  • Michael Buble's New Music Video Has Parents Getting Sentimental About the Growing-Up Years

    The 43-year-old crooner admits that he himself could not listen to the song, which he describes as bittersweet
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
Michael Buble's New Music Video Has Parents Getting Sentimental About the Growing-Up Years
PHOTO BY @michaelbuble/Instagram
  • If you’re a parent, and haven’t seen Michael Buble’s latest music video, be forewarned: you’ll need tissues to watch it ’til the end.

    The song, “Forever Now,” isn’t new — it was part of the balladeer’s latest album “Love” which was launched in 2018. However, its music video was released on Youtube much later, in March 2019, and parents are only getting wind of it now. The idea to use simple albeit powerful visuals has given the lyrics a whole new meaning.

    The music video tells its story using only one focal point — a child’s bedroom — and it’s what you’ll see for all 3 minutes and 41 seconds of it. Only, it doesn’t look the same throughout — it changes with the passing of time to indicate the different stages of a child’s life, from infancy until he’s grown up — the seasons of life. Parents all over the world who watched the video for the first time this weekend have been posting on social media about getting very emotional because of the song’s message.

    What other parents are reading

    “I just met you, it seems like yesterday

    You opened up your eyes and I recognized your face

    You know that you’re the one that we’ve been waiting for

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    We’re gonna keep you safe

    First time I held you in my arms, I knew I’d love you all the way.”

    The video opens with an empty bedroom that slowly fills up with baby furniture, blue wallpaper, and other things that point to the birth of a baby. 

    “I tuck you in at night, another day has passed

    Every week goes by a little faster than the last

    It wasn’t so long ago, we walked together and you held my hand

    And now you’re getting too big to want to

    But I hope you’ll always understand

    That I’m always gonna lift you up and I’m never gonna let you down

    No matter what you do, I’m forever proud of you


    I’ll love you forever now.”

    What other parents are reading

    The crib gets replaced with a bed, and the room changes decor, implying that the baby has now grown into a toddler. Toys, along with a kid’s bike, and a scooter fill the room with each passing scene. 

    “Through your ears I hear it, through your eyes I see

    A world full of magic, full of possibilities

    You know as well as anybody how tough this life can be

    But you’ve got so much strength inside you

    A strength I pray you’ll never need

    And I’m always gonna lift you up and I’m never gonna let you down

    Time flies by, I hope you realize that I’ll love you forever now.”

    The room now sports a more mature design, and instead of kids’ toys, on the floor there’s a basketball and a backpack. A computer appears on the desk, as does a TV set. The little boy is now a teenager!


    “I’m always gonna be right here, always gonna cheer you up

    I’m always gonna have your back, you’re never gonna be alone.”

    Towards the bridge of the song, the room again undergoes a major change. This time, the teenager’s stuff gets packed away in boxes. The wall accents are gone. And then, except for the bed and the desk, the room looks as it did in the beginning: empty.  

    “And I’m always gonna lift you up, no, I’m never gonna let you down

    No matter what you do, I’m forever proud of you

    I’ll love you forever now, I’ll love you forever now.” 

    The video ends on a happy note, as the same room is shown decorated anew, but this time with pink accessories, implying the birth of a daughter.

    What other parents are reading

    In an interview with Magic Radio in late 2018, the Canadian crooner revealed that he himself finds it hard to listen to the song, which speaks of a parent’s love for his children. Michael has three young kids — two sons and a daughter — with his Argentinean wife Luisana Lopilato, an actress. Their firstborn child Noah was diagnosed with liver cancer when he was only 3 years old in 2016, and underwent surgery. He has been on remission since 2017. 


    “It’s bittersweet for me because I can’t really listen to it,” he told the host about “Forever Now,” which he wrote.

    “When you have children at home and you know that love is so deep, and you feel the way that I feel about the kids that I have...”


    The 43-year old says that in the early stages of production, he only did a vocal demo of the song and sent it to his co-producers, who all agreed that it’s “the best song you’ve written, ever.” 

    “And I said, well that’s too bad because I don’t want to do it. And it was one of the songs in the record where I stepped away completely,” Michael added.


    “Until this day I’ve never sung it again,” he admitted. “The truth is, I never want to listen to it very much. And now when I listen to the record, I skip it. I’m not ready to handle it yet.”

    Watch the music video below:

    What other parents are reading

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