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  • Miriam Quiambao Describes Her Birth Experience as 'Supernatural'

    Miriam's pregnancy journey had been bumpy, but she managed to deliver son Elijah safely, with a lot of help from above.
    by Rachel Perez .
Miriam Quiambao Describes Her Birth Experience as 'Supernatural'
PHOTO BY @ardyroberto/Instagram
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  • It's been almost a month since Miriam Quiambao gave birth to her son Elijah prematurely. At 34 weeks, the beauty queen was admitted to the hospital for monitoring. She was scheduled for a cesarean section on March 12, 2019, but delivered her baby on February 16, 2019. 

    "It has been a little over 3 weeks since and I’m still in awe about how the Lord orchestrated his arrival," Miriam wrote on Instagram. "It may have seemed a month early but it was God's perfect timing — the supernatural childbirth that I was praying for," she said. "Now I am blessed that I can cradle him in my arms to stare at his beautiful face," the new mom said of her post-Valentine gift from God.

    Miriam had regularly shared her pregnancy journey on social media since she found out she was pregnant at 43 without the help of any reproductive technology. Her pregnancy was considered high-risk due to her age, which was further complicated by Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (APAS). Miriam was also ordered to be on bed rest in her second trimester due to premature contractions.


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    At 30 weeks, Miriam, her husband Ardy Roberto, and their 11-year-old son Joshua have been informed by the doctor of the possibility that she might give birth prematurely. Her placenta was aging too fast, her cervix was getting shorter, and her amniotic fluid was low. Moreover, baby Elijah at 34 weeks was too small for his age.

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    When it was time for Miriam to be admitted to the hospital, her husband continued to keep family, friends, and followers updated. They had their special one-on-one birth class and a simple Valentine's Day celebration. The road to motherhood was already bumpy, but Miriam and Elijah still managed. Little did we know that more miracles were about to happen in what the inspirational speaker now refers to as 'supernatural birth.'

    According to Miriam, her Doppler ultrasound was scheduled on a Monday, the same day her doctor was expected to leave for Japan. "By some divine leading," she said, her doctor decided to move up the Doppler ultrasound. It was crucial since they found out that her amniotic fluids were already too low.

    "My doctor then decided that I should undergo an emergency C-Section that very Saturday before the baby becomes distressed which could lead to him being stillborn," Miriam revealed. Thankfully, everything went well, and she is now a mom for the second time, through a different way from her first. She's embracing all the sleepless nights and is happily breastfeeding her son Elijah.

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    Ardy, 52, shared a sweet post about seeing his wife now with their baby. When looking at Miriam and Elijah, he is reminded of his prayers a year ago to bless them with a child, as Miriam really wanted to experience being pregnant and giving birth. "And now, Elijah is here attached 24/7 to this amazing wife that You've given me. And she is... happy," the new dad wrote.


    "She's been happy even before, but this is a different kind of happy. Ang galing!" Ardy said. "We were a happy family already with Joshua, my precious first son, and so with You granting us another son, with Elijah, this is like happiness heaped upon happiness!" he added, giving thanks to the Lord.

    Miriam also credited Ardy for being with her all throughout the pregnancy journey. He had even stepped up lately, being hands-on and getting involved in changing nappies, burping, bathing, and bottle feeding their newborn, and even homeschooling Joshua.

    As for Kuya Joshua, he also chimed in on his family's joy by coining the acronym BFF for "breast feeding factory," which is what occupies his mom now day and night. Sometimes, he volunteers to carry and look after his little brother to give Miriam time to rest. 


    Ardy said that Joshua once told him, "Elijah is getting heavy. But he's not really heavy, because he's his brother," a phrase which has biblical references. "Elijah has such a hunger and appetite! Keep on growing boy!" Ardy shared on Instagram. "Hats off to my wifey, who never complains. She's happily taken on this role as breastfeeding mama. As long as baby is happy, I'm happy," he added.

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