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Meet The People Behind The Country's Leading Parenting Media Brand

Parents, daughters, doting relatives, friends–these are the hardworking creatives and brains behind the Philippines’ number one parenting brand

by SmartParenting Staff Jul 19, 2022

'Smart Parenting feels like home. And with every story I put out there, I make sure that whoever reads it, will also feel that way.'

Smart Parenting, the Philippines’ number one parenting brand, reached new heights this 2022. Since the start of the pandemic, when each home became the focal point for learning, work, and relaxation, Summit Media’s homegrown parenting brand took on the call to bravely lead parents who, more than ever, needed a guide in leading their own children under such challenging circumstances.

But it also became the Filipino parents’ sounding board and safe space, creating a community that welcomed and respected diverse parenting styles and views through Smart Parenting Village. When parents couldn’t gather to share their parenting journeys, its online community thrived because it was a place to be heard, a space to be acknowledged, and a family that cheered each other on.

On June 1, Smart Parenting held a Thanksgiving Party that celebrated the family and officially launching its fresh, inclusive look and bigger, bolder purpose. Smart Parenting Mom Squad and Dad Squad came together with the new Smart Parenting team, a team of hardworking creatives who understand first-hand the push and pull of raising the Filipino family.

Get to know each and every member of the Smart Parenting team, and why they do what they do.

Smart Parenting Staff 2022

Pulling together smart parents for Smart Parenting

Iza Santos, Brand and Business Head

smartparenting editorial team 2022 iza santos


“Building a team of mostly parents at the height of the pandemic is as humbling as raising my toddler. It shows me that every day is a learning experience on balancing teamwork and leadership, agility and reflection, hard work and rest, and determination and letting go,” says Iza.

She adds, ”Despite the sleepless nights and self-doubt, the feedback we get from both internal and external customers proves that we're doing something right. It's a privilege to be part of a brand with a purpose close to my heart.”

Iza, who’s been with Summit Media for 16 years, says leading Smart Parenting to adapt to the global changes as well as the changes at home are some of her personal highlights.

'The feedback we get from both internal and external customers proves that we're doing something right.' –Iza Santos, Brand and Business Head

“Aside from pushing for a work-from-home set-up for the team, enabling them to be smart parents to their own families, I am proud of the customer-centric innovations that Smart Parenting continues to launch year after pandemic year–from shopping and education solutions, live webinars, website facelift, to key partnerships that breathe life to the brand's values which are expertise, community, inclusivity, and empowerment. 

She adds, “It’s a delight to see the brand grow from strength to strength.”

Parenting has no manual, it has a village 

Ronna Capili Bonifacio, parenting editor

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“I could never have imagined that the years I devoted to my family would find its way to marry my career in publishing. As a writer and editor who’s seen the power of both print and online media, lending my words to a purpose close to my own heart–raising happy, healthy, and resilient Filipino families–has become my privilege,” says Ronna.

'Learning you are not alone, that there is someone out there... who hears your inner thoughts and questions... is the reason I enjoy serving the audience.' –Ronna Bonifacio, parenting editor

The homeschool mom of three says it’s Smart Parenting’s community, its family, that is the heart and soul behind the brand. 

“Learning you are not alone, that there is someone out there like you, or someone who hears your inner thoughts and questions–no matter how basic it may sound such as ‘What do I do with my baby?’–is one of the reasons I enjoy serving the audience.”

She adds, “It’s remembering to go at it one day at a time, because parenting has no manual. But it has a community, a village.”

Growing up with Summit Media

Aussy Perfecto, Managing Editor


“I have a lot of brand love for Summit Media because my first ever publishing stint was with Candy, back when I was 13 years old and it was still an actual print magazine!” says Aussy.

From Candy, to contributing to Female Network, and now to Smart Parenting’s Managing Editor as a parent to a 10-year-old with another on the way, Aussy says her personal life and career have intersected beautifully.

“I’m excited to be with Smart Parenting–and with its redefined mission at that. It’s really welcoming to be in a team of parents, where kids’ voices in the background during meetings are the norm!” 

She adds, “It reminds me of all the moments of frustration my daughter and I had, and I find it comforting now to be in a work environment where it’s okay.”

“I think this is a great space to be in for my pregnancy and this point in my parenthood. I’m thankful and fortunate to be joining such a well-oiled machine and I’m discovering that it has a heart and purpose as well,” says Aussy.

Seasoned writer continues serving the Filipino family

Jocelyn Valle, SEO and staff writer


Smart Parenting’s resident SEO writer and most-seasoned writer, Jocelyn or Jo says working with the title has allowed her to meet more people. “It's an opportunity to work with new people from different backgrounds and diverse journeys,” she says.

Before joining Smart Parenting full-time, Jo was a steady contributor while she was with YES! Magazine. She handles all SEO articles across sections, often covering health, celebrity news, and parenting stories, and writes in both English and Filipino.

From Smart Parenting community member to staff writer

Judy Santiago-Aladin, senior staff writer

She started out as a Smart Parenting Village community member, a Smart Parenting writing contest finalist, a regular contributor, and now one Smart Parenting’s staff writers. “I’ve come full circle,” says Judy, a mom of one.

Her first story helped her regain her sense of self, “I felt like I was no longer invisible to the world,” she says.


'Smart Parenting feels like home. And with every story I put out there, I make sure that whoever reads it, will also feel that way.' –Judy Aladin, senior staff writer

"I honestly never thought that I'll have a full-time job again because I committed myself to being a mom and wife. But with the work-from-home set-up that Smart Parenting offers, here I am waking up every day with a renewed hope and will to live.

“To fulfill my purpose as a writer, as a maternal mental health advocate, and as a mom,” says Judy. As a community member turned writer, Judy is careful to support Filipino families the same way she felt with Smart Parenting.

She says, “Smart Parenting, as it has been to me, is a safe space, a comfort zone, a thought leader, a non-judgmental friend. 

“Smart Parenting feels like home. And with every story I put out there, I make sure that whoever reads it, will also feel that way, says Judy. 

She adds, “We’ll never know how much that person needs that at the moment, and it is a privilege to have the opportunity to change someone’s day and affect someone’s life every day.”

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Championing the Filipino parent

Angela Baylon, Social Media Editor


“Being part of the new Smart Parenting team is definitely a milestone for me because it's not every day that you get to take part in feats such as helping a brand reach new heights, says Angela.

“It also brings me a sense of fulfillment every time I'm reminded of the purpose of Smart Parenting, that is to raise happy, healthy Filipino families, she adds. 

Angela, who recently transitioned from being a staff writer into Smart Parent’s Social Media Editor says she is proud to “add value by flashing the spotlight on those who have, in their own unique ways, embodied what it means to be a smart parent.”

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Helping raise families through art

Stephanie Ocampo, Art Director

"Although I am not a parent yet, I feel very honored to be part of the brand's calling of raising healthy and happy kids through my artworks, says Stephanie Ocampo, Smart Parenting’s Art Director.


“I feel like I'm one with the parents in raising their families too especially in a tough time like this–‘home became the universe, and parents assuming bigger responsibilities on top of their overflowing plates’ as Iza mentioned during the launch–and my heart is happy fulfilling my mission helping one family at a time while doing what I love: art.”

'Although I am not a parent yet, I feel very honored to be part of the brand's calling of raising healthy and happy kids through my artworks.' –Stephanie Ocampo, Art Director

Steph says it’s the little things that remind her why she does what she does. “Simple daily comments of appreciation from our Smart Parenting family mean so much. It’s knowing that we helped them raise their families too.”

Listening to and learning with parents

Zen Arganda, Community Manager

“Being part of the new Smart Parenting team is like opening a huge mystery box, unpredictable but exciting. Honestly, it was the same as when I found out that I was expecting. I did not know what to expect, but I was excited nonetheless of what was in store for me,” says Zen, a mom of one. 


“While I have zero knowledge when it comes to parenting and childcare, the brand is a huge reservoir of information about it that sometimes I find myself already giving advice to others! 

She adds, “Kidding aside, becoming a part of the team was like having a baton passed on to me, to help first-time parents like myself navigate the world of parenting, the world of healthy and happy families.

As Smart Parenting’s community manager, Zen enjoys being on the frontline of being in touch with parents. 
“Having to manage a community of parents from all walks of life and facilitating healthy discussions with them, being able to help mothers and fathers in need of advice, and celebrating parenting wins and funny moments along the way is a noble and fruitful endeavor for me,” she says. 

“As a first-time parent, every moment in Smart Parenting is a learning experience."

Leading voice in parenting

Florence Bienvenido, Advertising Group Director


"As a working Mom there are times I seek instant information on a situation or occasion online and Smart Parenting is always on my top search," says Florence.

"I like how this brand talks to moms like me, never intrusive and how it continuously makes its content relevant and appealing through the years, pandemic or not."

'[Smart Parenting] is never intrusive... continuously makes its content relevant and appealing through the years, pandemic or not.' –Florence Bienvenido, Advertising Group Director

Florence works with all Summit Media's brands but says that she is personally proud of how Smart Parenting has continued to be the leading voice in Filipino parenting. "With powerful brands under the Summit Media Network, Smart Parenting is one of those that I value the most.

She adds, "I am proud of its credibility and how majority of our partners in the advertising industry recognizes its powerful voice in the field of parenting–no wonder our Digital Sales Team always includes Smart Parenting in their proposal–it's always a definite win for them."

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