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  • New Study: Kids Better with Gadgets than with Reading or Writing

    A recent study by a gadget insurance company reveals that kids nowadays are more techie than ever, but this doesn’t necessarily translate to them understanding what they need to know at their age.
    by Stephanie F. Esguerra .
  • Can you still remember when mobile phones started becoming a necessity in the late ‘90s? At that time, just having one, regardless of how bulky or cumbersome it could be, made people feel “techie.” This whole wave of new gadgets and enhanced features for tech gear has made advanced technology within reach for more and more people.

    kid using computerChildren nowadays, especially, have quite the adaptability and receptiveness to these, and easily learn to operate these gadgets. It’s not so surprising anymore to see a child browsing the Internet or using an iPad. In fact, in a growing number of occasions, adults tend to be even less updated than their kids when it comes to techie matters.

    In a recent study conducted by gadget insurance company Protectyourbubble, it was found that:
    •    75% of kids aged 3 to 10 years old know how to switch on the TV and get to the channel of their favorite TV program
    •    60% can use a laptop or desktop computer
    •    59% can operate a DVD player

    While the study was that while kids showed such aptitude with gadget know-how, only:
    •    63% knew how to write their names
    •    50% could read a book
    •    40% could prepare their own breakfast

    In the same study, it was also found that parents felt insecure because they felt “less technologically able” than their kids. Among 3,000 parents included in the study:
    •    47% think their kids know more about gadgets than they do
    •    More than 40% had to ask help from their kids on using certain gadgets
    •    34% had to ask their children for help on fixing gadgets

    According to Stephen Ebbett, spokesperson for Protectyourbubble, 'No parent likes to be told what to do by their own children, but it seems this is the case when it comes to working household gadgets. Children now are surrounded by technology from the moment they learn about the things around them.

    ''But most parents have had to get to grips with things later on in life, and this can mean it takes them longer to get the hang of it. So when their children know how to work things that they are still struggling to get their head around, I'm sure it can leave them feeling a little embarrassed.''

    Photo from sxc.hu

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