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  • Pampers Receives Seal of Approval From Best For Baby Panel!

    At the Smart Parenting Best For Baby Awards, Pampers Active Baby bested all other disposable diapers! Find out why.
  • Currently, the variety of baby products in the market are overwhelming and this could lead to confusion especially to anxious, new moms. 

    Mommyfleur.com’s Fleur Sombrero agrees. “As a first-time mom, I am in constant search of products that are effective and safe to use for Anika. The SP Best For Baby Awards can really help moms--especially first-time moms like me-- in deciding what to use for our babies.”

    Good to know that Smart Parenting’s Best For Baby Awards was actually founded to help mothers make only the BEST choice for their babies.

    “It has always been our mission at Smart Parenting to be able to inform readers the best products for kids out there and I think, this Best For Baby Awards is one great step to be of service to our readers,” editor-in-chief Mia Fausto-Cruz says.

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    Among the baby products tested? Disposable diapers, of course!

    New mothers don’t realize that not all disposable diapers are of the same quality and when it comes to choosing a disposable diaper, performance and quality should be a top priority to ensure that their baby’s delicate skin is protected. Through different tests by the Best For Baby panel, Smart Parenting has discovered that Pampers Active Baby is the best disposable diaper in the market!


    Testing, testing…

    Smart Parenting’s Best For Baby Awards was comprised of panelists from Smart Parenting magazine and Summit Media: Editor-in-chief Mia Fausto-Cruz, senior staff writer Rachel Perez, art director Jenny Inumerable-Suarez, and group publisher Christine Sandejas. Nanny trainer and blog My Dearest Nanny’s Menchit Ordoveza and mommyfleur.com’s Fleur Sombrero also took on the challenge and were surprisingly delighted with the results.

    The best thing about these panelists? All of them are mothers.


    It also helped that most of the panelists who did the testing and who actually tried the take home products were mothers. "Mothers are very maselan with the products they use on their children. It needs to not only be effective but at the same time, very safe for their kids. Their opinion really matters on choosing the best products,” Mommy Fleur adds.


    Nanny trainer Menchit Ordoveza found the Best For Baby testing process interesting too. She says, “I didn’t really expect (anything). Today we were able to do it the most scientific way. For Menchit, she feels that “it was fairly judged.” To ensure this, Smart Parenting masked the diapers and used controlled testing environments for each tests - be it through standardizing amount of liquids or using reliable systems of measurement, among others.


    For the disposable diapers test, the Smart Parenting Best For Baby panelists were tasked to review the products according to a five-point criteria: dryness, absorption speed, comfortable fitsoftness, and skin protection.


    Here’s how the tests went:

    1. Dryness

    To gauge a diaper’s ability to absorb wetness and still keep baby’s skin dry, a controlled amount of liquid was poured onto each disposable diaper and a sheet of tissue paper was pressed on top of the diaper’s top sheet afterwards. After pressing, Pampers Active Baby had the driest tissue paper, symbolizing that baby’s bottom will still remain dry in the diaper even after baby pees.



    2. Absorption speed

    To measure how fast a diaper is in absorbing pee, the same amount of liquid was poured onto each disposable diaper. The panel discovered that Pampers Active Baby was able to absorb the liquid faster than the other diapers in only 40 seconds! This means that in Pampers, baby’s bottom will not be soaked in wetness for a long time.


    3. Comfortable fit

    A “stretch test” was conducted on each of the diapers to measure how long its waistband can expand. Pampers Active Baby’s stretchy sides expanded the most, ensuring that the diaper will adjust to baby’s movements and still fit perfectly.


    4. Softness

    To determine how soft the disposable diapers are, a "touch test" was employed wherein each of the panelists felt and stroked the top sheet material of the diapers to check if it’s coarse or smooth. Pampers Active Baby had a cotton-like softness which is good for baby’s sensitive skin.



    5. Skin protection

    Lotion on disposable diapers helps create a barrier to protect baby’s skin against friction and irritation caused by wetness from pee or poo. For this criteria, an oil film was rubbed against the diapers’ topsheet and the diaper which left a visible oil mark onto the film validated presence of lotion. Pampers Active Baby was the only diaper which showed presence of baby lotion on the topsheet.


    Smart Parenting ed-in-chief Mia also encourages moms to test their baby products as well. “If you’re a new mom, you can actually do these tests at home. You can tell the one that’s best for baby and you could try it out first.”

    Watch the video of the actual testing here.


    Best of the Best

    This is why Pampers Active Baby was the best disposable diaper! 


    Pampers Active Baby received top scores in the tests performed for all of the disposable diapers and Best For Baby panel agrees that it is indeed Best For Baby.

    Mommy Fleur was extra pleased with this result. “I felt happy because my daughter used Pampers Active Baby all throughout her toddler days. I have tried almost all brands diapers for Anika and I can vouch that it's really the best brand out there,” she says.



    Seal of approval

    Now that Pampers Active Baby has Smart Parenting’s Best For Baby seal of approval, how do our panelists and moms feel?

    For nanny trainer Menchit, it validates a product’s place in both parent and child’s lives. “The product was carefully looked upon and tested by qualified panelists and [is] therefore best for Mom and Baby.”

    Mommy Fleur says, “Since I know that the products underwent all these testing, meticulous actual usage and judgment by fellow mothers, I know that the Smart Parenting’s Best For Baby stamp is very credible and reliable.”


    So Moms, when it comes disposable diapers, choose only the best that has been tried and tested by the Best For Baby panel to protect your baby’s extra sensitive skin – Pampers Active Baby!

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