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  • Patty Laurel Is Now a Mom of Two!

    The lifestyle blogger has given birth to her second child.
  • After posting a few goofy videos on her Instagram Stories yesterday, Patty Laurel announced today, April 4, that she has finally given birth. "Hello, family and friends! This is our baby girl, Astrid Nicola Laurel-Filart," the new mom of two wrote as a caption that accompanied the first photo of her daughter.

    Patty had been sharing updates during her early stages of labor, and she and husband Patrick Filart weren't sure if yesterday, April 3, was the delivery day or just a false alarm. However, after checking for contractions, Patty shared on Instagram Stories that it was indeed time to welcome their second child. 

    "We used to call her 'Nicola' when she was in my belly, but she came out looking like an 'Astrid,' so that'll be her nickname from now on," the Belo Baby mombassador said.  

    The lifestyle blogger thanked God for the new addition to their family and also expressed her gratitude for family, friends, and followers for all the prayers and well wishes. "[Patrick], [our son] Theo and I are in love with our little baby girl!" she added.


    In fact, one of her latest Instagram Stories shows the new big brother telling her baby sister, "Don't be scared, I'm here," Patty recalled her son saying before starting to sing to Astrid. "Theo is the best, best kuyaaaa..." she added. 

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    Before giving birth, Patrick posted a photo of his then family of three. "See you in a bit, Nicola! Your awesome wonder woman mom and spunky fun kuya are both ready for you!" he wrote in the caption.


    Patty also took one last photo with her son Theo as an only child. "Today is the day!!!!" she wrote as a caption. "I love you my darling Theo!!!" In an Instagram Story, she said she was trying to hold back the tears as they posed and shared the last few moments of being a mom of one. 


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